How to Show Up in Your Life Purpose

Why is it so goddamn hard to find your purpose? Probably because we’re looking at it all wrong. I got to hang out with Rejys Cowan of Spiritual Sh*t You Need to Know about why we’re all stuck on purpose. And you can watch me map hers in real-time and explain her whole life. Plus, we share the same way for you to map your own purpose for free. If you’ve ever doubted your purpose, definitely listen + read this one.

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Find the Right Message for Your Audience

I got to talk to Startup Marketing Podcast about branding and why so many of us struggle to find the right message that connects with our audience. The truth is branding is way less complicated than we need to make it. If we’ve got any successful relationship in our lives, we already know our brand. We just have to map what makes us so magnetic. Listen + read for an exercise to map your own brand.

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