Am I Masculine Enough? with Behind the Mask-ulinity Podcast

Masculinity is a big topic today. From violence and acts of aggression to suicide rates and mental health, it’s something that’s on my mind quite a bit. So I sat down with Behind the Mask-ulinity Podcast for a no holds barred conversation on toxic masculinity, suppressed emotions, relationships with our dads, gender constructs, in general, and why your own brand of masculinity — or own brand of human — matters so much. It’s a good one so listen + read for more.

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My Path to Authenticity with Path to Authenticity Podcast

I hang out with The Path to Authenticity Podcast for a personal conversation about what authenticity is — the different masks I didn’t even know I was wearing. In this interview, we talk about everything from addiction, substance abuse, and gender constructs to self-esteem, trauma, and implicit biases. Listen + read to get the whole story.

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This Is My Truth: My Whole Story with This Is My Truth Podcast

I spoke with This Is My Truth Podcast for a deeply personal and vulnerable conversation about my truth — in sharing my story, in exploring my sexuality, in going viral, in discovering the work that I do, in helping people to access their own truth. It gets deeply personal, so listen + read for more.

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Coming Out as Myself with Life (Un)Closeted

I sat down with Life (Un)Closeted to talk about coming out in thousands of different ways. To millions of people about my sexuality. To Garrett about being in love. To myself for all the sensitivities I’d suppressed. It’s a great and vulnerable conversation. Listen + read to hear more.

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