Does It Ever Feel Lonely?

“It’s not easy to be a visionary. It takes courage. But, fortunately, that’s where we thrive best. Because courage only ever comes from the heart—from love.”

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Do You Wish You Could Be Shown What You’re Looking For?

“Our unique genius is always what we’ve been seeking. We’ve always been seeking ourselves. Our energy medicine. It’s the very treasure we’re hunting for in every job and relationship and new Amazon purchase. Even if we don’t realize that’s what we’re continuously doing.”

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Are You Afraid of and Overwhelmed by Your Big Visions?

“We visionaries have an overdeveloped ability to envision. And, because of that, sometimes we rely more on visions than we do on taking action. And we get ourselves so freaked out with anticipation that we never end up really going for it, really testing out our theories.”

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