Identify Your Essence

I got the chance to sit down with Trish Nancoo of StrongTalk to dive deep. We talked about sexuality + identity, body image, what it’s like to come out to millions, and why we all feel lost + stuck around our purpose. Trish gets to the heart of the matter, so this is a juicy one. Listen + read for more.

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How a Chronic Condition Made Me Strong

I stopped by The Strong AF Podcast to talk about how sickness has made me strong. It’s made me fall in love with Garrett, come out to millions, become a clinical herbalist, and become who I am. And I get to talk about my favorite herbs to help us survive the pandemic. So listen + read for more.

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Love, Unconditionally

I fell in love with someone I wasn’t sexually attracted to, and we spent years figuring out how to make the relationship work. Andrea of Open Up and Speak really opened up a powerful conversation about unconditional love as I told my story in this shorter, 30-minute interview. Listen + read for more.

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My First Gay Relationship

I put it all on the line with Cross Talk and discussed everything from vomiting blood daily, to falling in love with my male caretaker (when I identified as straight), to blogging about the experience and 100,000 people sharing it by the time I woke up. Listen + read for the full, full story.

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Astral Project, Disassociation + Trauma

I had such a fun conversation on Your Soulful Goddess Podcast talking about astral projection and how it’s not quite as “out there” as you might think. We dig in deeply to trauma, disassociation, and why we astral project ALL THE TIME. It’s a surprising interview, so listen + read for more.

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