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I got to talk to Startup Marketing Podcast about branding and why so many of us struggle to find the right message that connects with our audience. The truth is branding is way less complicated than we need to make it. If we've got any successful relationship in our lives, we already know our brand. We just have to map what makes us so magnetic. Listen + read for an exercise to map your own brand.

For the past 13 years, I’ve been helping people develop resonant marketing messages that feel like them. 💪

From artists and healers to celebrities and activists. 🎨 🪧📺

And I’ve learned a thing or two in that time.


I know we all feel “all over the place” and “multi-passionate.”

But, if we stop looking at it so literally, we’re just doing the same things over and over again. Because that’s what we’re most sensitive to. It’s what we sense most of in the world. 💥

So I sat down with Startup Marketing Podcast to talk about mapping your experiences and finding YOUR messaging that connects with your audience.

The same reason your partner loves you. Or your friends love you. Or why you’re so passionate about your work. 🔥

Because branding is just knowing what is so magnetic about you in every space. The thing that pulls all of your experiences together. 🧲

And we walk you through an exercise on this one so you can start to discover your brand by the end of it. 🙌

You can skip ahead and grab the exercise at mikeiamele.com/map if you’re feeling antsy.

This is a really good interview, particularly if you’re struggling to pull it all together in business and find your resonant messaging.

Check it out above. Then let me know your brand! 💬

Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

I help people map their sensitivities and lived experiences to discover their purpose + brand. We call it Sacred Branding®.

Learn how to map your own sensitivities:


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