Mapping Sensitivities + Your Money Story

I got to hang out with the Debt Free Guys on Queer Money Podcast to talk about why money is about sensitivities and values — and how, if we understand our sensitivities, we can understand our entire life purpose and take control of how we spend money. Listen + read for more.

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What Does Trauma Have to Do with Purpose?

I spoke with The Awareness Space about what trauma has to do with life purpose and why, even though we talk about these are two opposite things — they’re actually two sides in the same coin. You can’t understand your purpose without unpacking your trauma. Listen + read for more.

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How I Found Purpose Through Debilitating Sickness

I talked to Peace with Pain Podcast about the sickness that changed my life, made me fall in love, and led to the best engagement story you’ve ever heard. For any of us in pain, we all deserve to find the power and purpose in . Listen + read for more on how.

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Am I Masculine Enough? with Behind the Mask-ulinity Podcast

Masculinity is a big topic today. From violence and acts of aggression to suicide rates and mental health, it’s something that’s on my mind quite a bit. So I sat down with Behind the Mask-ulinity Podcast for a no holds barred conversation on toxic masculinity, suppressed emotions, relationships with our dads, gender constructs, in general, and why your own brand of masculinity — or own brand of human — matters so much. It’s a good one so listen + read for more.

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