Surrealism. Trauma. Art Therapy. David Lynch.

I sat down with Mental Health Film Comment to talk about mental health, trauma, healing, art therapy, Twin Peaks — and why surrealism actually gives us insight into deeper emotional realities. There are a lot of great mental health resources and some thought-provoking dialogue. Listen + read what I’ve got to say about it.

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The Art of Unification.

What is art? Can your life be art? Can uniting the parts of yourself be art? Can your shame and trauma and sensitivities and experiences be the different brushstrokes to the art of you? I joined The Painted Fool Podcast for an in-depth and zany conversation to explore it all. Listen + read what I’ve got to say about it.

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Your Purpose Is Found In Old Stories.

“Stories are how we freeze time. How I can dance with my grandmother in Aruba again on a rainy day. Or how I can laugh alongside my best friend long before her tragic passing. Or how I can find strength in some of the hardest, scariest moments of my life—and borrow it for whatever I’m currently facing.”

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