Does It Ever Feel Too Intense?

“Our solution doesn’t have to be to run away from the world. To hide away in fear. We can have more faith in ourselves. We can know that we’re far more capable than we realize. That we’re building capacity. Capacity to be fully engaged in the world and experience intensity and still be able to hold it.”

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Are You Afraid to Take That Risk?

“When we love something—a person, an idea, a vision—we tend to do things we never thought we could do. We take chances. We have faith. Faith in something invisible but very much real.”

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Why Won’t Inspiration Come Already?

“It asks us to trust. And have faith. And not be afraid to be vulnerable and intimate. And, most of all, to live in the invisible spaces. The spaces where we can’t control everything. The spaces where we can’t always see the magic, but we can trust it’s there.”

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