Our Vision & Mission

We believe that every person has a unique genius, and that accessing that genius is how each of us changes the world. 

We create radically safe and supportive communities where all people, regardless of lived experience, have the tools to safely explore and share their own unique genius, on their own terms. We lead by embodying our own genius and vulnerability, first and foremost.

We envision a world where all people know their infinite, inherent worth, and we are committed to supporting the work of visionaries through fair and accessible monetary exchanges for our patrons, employees, and collaborators.

Mike Iamele | CEO. Writer. Resident Jokester.

As CEO of Mike Iamele LLC, Mike uses his Aligned, Zany, Free, Unmistakable, Successful, and Vulnerable genius to oversee the financial, emotional, and energetic success of the entire business.

He teaches all content at the Sacred Branding® eCourse, Sacred Circle, and Sacred Mastermind levels, and serves as the spokesperson for the work in media interviews, guest teachings, and speaking engagements.

Mike blogs every weekday to help visionaries discover their unique genius, and shares the work freely in interviews and psychic readings every Friday in the Sacred Branding® Facebook group.

The best way to connect with Mike is to check out the blog or find him over in the Facebook group.

Sherri Hayter | COO. Artist. Resident Magician.

Sherri is the secret magic behind the everyday flow of Mike Iamele LLC. She uses her Beautiful, Connected, Loved, Nourished, Real and Magical genius to encapsulate the power of the work in all art (including this website), technology, and operations.

As a working artist, Sherri elevates the content of the work – and the operational flow of the business – to pure artistry.

Although she’s often the magician powering the work from behind the scenes, Sherri is a master teacher at the Sacred Mastermind level, and she occasionally pops up to share wisdom in both the Sacred Branding® eCourse and Sacred Circle too.

The best way to connect with Sherri is to catch her on Fridays in the Sacred Branding® Facebook group.