Hey, I’m Mike.

Here’s a little about me. Or skip ahead if you’re looking for specific information:

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I’m Vulnerable.
And Aligned.
And Zany.
And Free.
And Unmistakable.
And Successful.

I'm also a Life Purpose Expert + Brand Strategist.

I write some articles. I speak on lots of podcasts. And I help people to map their lived experiences + sensitivities to discover their brand + purpose. We call it Sacred Branding®.

For most of the past decade, I’ve helped hundreds of celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, artists, drag queens, actors, sex workers, executives, homemakers, retirees — you name it — to tap into their purpose and discover their brand in business, spirituality, relationships, or even identity + sexuality.

From comedians trying to get comedy specials on TV to partners working through intimacy issues.

From artists ready to land a gallery exhibit to people starting to love their bodies.

Even children stepping into more self-esteem.

Here’s a quick run-down of my story:

–– I started a successful PR agency working with tech titans and healthcare execs when I was 22.

–– My life changed when I woke up one day vomiting blood for months – and that journey led me to falling in love with my male caretaker (when I identified as straight at the time). We’re married now.

–– I accidentally came out to millions when I wrote an article about that relationship, and 100,000 people shared it overnight.

–– I’ve talked to NPR, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Daily Dot, and dozens of podcasts and magazines about my sex life.

–– My engagement was one of the worst, most disastrous days of my life that somehow turned into the best engagement story you’ve ever heard, ending with me standing on a balcony in Italy in a rainstorm winging a proposal.

–– I discovered my own purpose when I gave up on everything after infinite failures and offered free branding sessions that made me realize our entire lived experiences are around the same themes over and over again.

–– After sharing my stories for a few months, a publisher reached out with a book deal, so I wrote a book a few years ago.

–– I’m also an herbalist, health coach, and energy worker by training.

–– I used to hate my body. Now I’ve had multiple boudoir photoshoots and feel like the most confident, sexy person in any room I’m in, after a year of dancing naked in front of the mirror daily.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this work, it’s that purpose + branding aren’t hard or complicated.

We don’t have to achieve it or find it. We just have to map the lives we’re already living.

Because the clues are there. Every single experience of your life connects with all of the other experiences in reliable, predictable ways.

You just need a formula to help you map those experiences and see the overarching pattern. The one that explains your past. And the one that creates a roadmap to your future.

Our greatest path to success and fulfillment—to your resonant brand,  purpose—will always be becoming more of ourselves.

We just need a map to know how.

Mike Iamele
CEO. Writer. Sensitivity-Mapper.

Mike is a Life Purpose Expert + Brand Strategist.

For nearly a decade, his Sacred Branding® system has helped hundreds of celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs, influencers, and soul seekers to map their experiences and discover their subconscious motivations, unique brand, and life purpose.

People use this work for all kinds of things — from branding and building a business, to exploring identity and sexuality, to finding their artistic voice, to even re-discovering themselves after a life-altering event, like divorce or retirement.

Mike’s also the author of Enough Already: Create Success on Your Own Terms (Conari Press 2015). He’s shared his provocative and vulnerable take on life in dozens of magazines, podcasts, and online publications, including a personal interview with NPR about his viral story on rethinking sexuality in his first same-sex relationship.

Prior to Sacred Branding®, at only 22 years old, Mike co-founded Torch Communications, a boutique public relations firm, specializing in healthcare and disruptive technology. He currently lives in Somerville, MA, with his husband and two adorable dogs.

Sherri Hayter
COO. Artist. Magic-Maker.

Sherri is an artist, designer, and business strategist. She grounds big, philosophical concepts into accessible art (including this website), technology, and operations to share it with the world.

Sherri has helped leading experts in spirituality and life purpose to unpack their big ideas and create resonant programs and businesses that shift consciousness. She’s been a vital part of the Sacred Branding® work right from the get-go and has pioneered some of its most important teachings.

In addition to her behind-the-scenes magic and stunning visuals, Sherri is a master channeler and space-holder for the Sacred Mastermind and Sacred Immersion levels.

Sherri is currently working on a highly anticipated, large-scale art exhibit that explores similar themes of topography, mapping, and connections between seemingly disparate pieces.

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