Discover which levers you naturally pull every time you're successful. Then do it on purpose.

Mapping sensitivities is an incredible process that brings so much clarity because it’s just connecting the dots between what’s already been true in your life to create a reliable formula for where you’re naturally successful and purposeful—and where you’re not.

You can use this work to:

  • Accomplish your biggest goals in business
  • Know your resonant branding and messaging
  • Understand your sensitivities and why you feel the way you do
  • Finally discover your life purpose
  • Step into more fulfilling relationships
  • Work through shame and trauma

In this actionable, 36-minute training, you’ll have a worksheet to actually dig in as I guide you to map your lived experiences and get a taste of creating that formula for yourself.

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Map your sensitivities.

Mapping sensitivities is a pretty radically different way to discover your purpose + brand.

The truth is that you’ve had sensitivities your entire life. Since the moment of birth, you’ve been sensitive to some things but not others.

And these sensitivities run through every one of your lived experiences. Your different jobs, your relationships, your trauma, your joy—all of it.

So you can map those experiences to answer the core questions—why you felt good here but not there. Why this was successful but not that. Why they resonated with that offering but not this one.

When you know your sensitivities, you have the tools to build a successful + fulfilling brand, business, relationship, life––that just feels like you.

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In this quick training (36 minutes), we’re going to actually begin to map your sensitivities together.

When you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to the training and a worksheet for us to work through together in real-time and help you begin to gain understanding of:

  • The levers you naturally pull whenever you’re successful
  • Why some things “failed” or didn’t work out
  • The common threads in all of your experiences
  • Your “brand” in business, relationships, or anywhere else
  • What you’re most sensitive to –– and where you have hidden skills
  • What steps will likely be most effective for you right now

Sign up to learn the basics of mapping your sensitivities and why it’s so powerful for understanding yourself and sharing your unique “brand” with the world.

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