My Path to Authenticity with Path to Authenticity Podcast

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I hang out with The Path to Authenticity Podcast for a personal conversation about what authenticity is -- the different masks I didn't even know I was wearing. In this interview, we talk about everything from addiction, substance abuse, and gender constructs to self-esteem, trauma, and implicit biases. Listen + read to get the whole story.

The path to authenticity.

Last week, I sat down with The Path to Authenticity Podcast to talk about my own winding journey to authenticity. To discovering my sensitivities and purpose.

9 years ago, I woke up vomiting blood. It didn’t stop for months. And then I fell in love with Garrett as he cared for me through that. It didn’t feel sexual or even romantic, but it felt like *something.*

We spent years exploring if our relationship could work. In that time, I left PR, became an herbalist and health coach, started a blog, and signed a book deal.

And I couldn’t just have friends find out about our relationship on a Barnes & Noble bookshelf. So I wrote a blog post about our relationship.

And I went to bed. When I woke up, 100,000 people had shared it overnight.

I’ve had so many iterations of myself. So many places I clung onto to feel worthy. The successful PR pro with famous clients. Or the herbalist. Or the author. Or the viral article guy. Or Garrett’s husband.

I’ve spent years stripping back to my essence—my core sensitivities. Who I am without any labels.

And I’ve spent most of the last decade fascinated with mapping those sensitivities for others, too.

And the one thing I’ve learned along the way is that authenticity is an ever-changing journey. A deepening. A continuous courageous act to ask who we truly are in any given moment. And where we’re still clinging on to external crutches.

We really go for it in this interview. Everything from addiction, substance abuse, and gender constructs to self-esteem, trauma, and implicit biases.

This is my path to authenticity.

And I’m still walking it every day.

Check out this interview above. And let me know what you think.

Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

I help people map their sensitivities and lived experiences to discover their purpose + brand. We call it Sacred Branding®.

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