You Never Have to Try to Be Yourself — And Don’t Lose Your Dance with Everyday Heroes Podcast

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I sat down with Everyday Heroes Podcast to talk about the personal hero who's influenced my life the most -- my Bubbie. She taught me that I never have to try to be myself. If I'm trying, it means I'm being somebody else. And to never lose my dance. This is the shortest interview I've ever done at 18 minutes, so listen + read for more.

When Everyday Heroes podcast invited me on their show to take about my heroes, it didn’t take me a second to know who I was talking about.

My Bubbie.

She’s the beautiful woman in this photo on her wedding day. The zaniest, wildest, most fun person I ever met.

The type of woman who’d just get up and dance in a room full of people because she felt like it.

Who helped me really understand that you never have to try to be yourself. If you’re trying, it means you’re being somebody else.

We talked about how the impact my Bubbie has on the work I do now. What I believe about life and heroes.

And, most importantly, why I never stop dancing.

After the interview, Everyday Heroes surprised me with a t-shirt with quotes from my interview.

“You never have to try to be yourself. And never lose your dance.”

For a deep talker like me, this is by far the shortest interview I’ve ever done. At 18 minutes, you’re not going to hear me much briefer.

So, if you’re looking for a burst of inspiration and a different story from my life, check this one out. 

Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

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