What’s So Special About Creating Your Vision?

“We create our visions because it’s the best container we know to share our essence—our genius. Because we feel more like ourselves when we do. Because we’re channeling something down that connects us to something bigger than ourselves. And, strangely, also makes us feel more at home.”

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Do You Really Show up for Your Own Vision?

“Showing up is vulnerable. It’s a deep surrender. It’s kind of saying, ‘I have no fucking idea what’s going to happen, and I might be totally wasting my time, but I have a vision that feels real to me, and I’m showing up for it.'”

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Do You Ever Feel Stuck?

“We have this illusion to all of life is fixed. Like our home is standing in place, our relationship is static, and even our own sense of self is well-formed. But the truth is the only things that are truly fixed are dead. Everything that’s alive is moving.”

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