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This retreat is for GBTQ+ men who want to:

    • Feel sexually confident in your body + free from shame
    • No longer feel hesitant or unsafe around other gay + queer men
    • Be able to talk about desires + fetishes without feeling embarrassed or having to make a joke
    • Be celebrated for everything you thought was wrong or embarrassing
    • Fall in love with your queerness + see it as a vital part of who you are
    • Finally let go of all of the anxiety + fear that’s been holding you back


Over the course of 3.5 days, we’ll be helping you to:

    • Understand why certain things turn you on or bring up so much shame (what you’re sensitive to)
    • Start to act like who you’d be if you didn’t have any shame
    • Find what powerful and sexy feels like (and looks like) in your body
    • Start to recognize that every other gay + queer man there has the same anxieties you do
    • Create an action plan to change dating, relationships, or confidence when you get home



Through 1:1 work + 4 group sessions, I’ll help you to understand how you uniquely experience (or sense) the world and why you feel what you do — and then make a plan to get your needs met in every aspect of your life.

See Sample Itinerary for more specific details.


Renowned boudoir photographer Mark Matthews creates the safest environment imaginable in a closed-door, private photography session for you to fall in love with your body.

Mark specializes in coaching the authentic you out and helping people of every body type to fall in love with their forms.

I promise you’ve never felt as sexy or powerful as you will in this session, no matter what anxieties it’s bringing up.

Find more photos by Mark below.


Queer, sex-positive astrologer Alex Amorosi will take you on an in-depth journey in a private 1:1 session through your birth chart to understand your sexuality, release shame, and ask any questions about your life.

This is unlike any other astrology reading you’ve had. 


If you ever wanted to know who you’d be if you felt totally liberated, this is it.

We have the entire Essex Woods Retreat Center to ourselves — 45 minutes north of Boston, just minutes from the beach and tucked away in a hidden woods.

We’ll be yelling out trauma, dancing, laughing, running to the spa in our bathing suits––with no one to even see or judge us. And feeling an unbridled safety that can’t be put into words.

As the former location of a spiritual commune and photography school, the grounds are full of a sculpture garden alongside ponds, Zen gardens, and hiking trails.

You’ll have:

  • Private single room + bathroom
  • Gourmet meals provided by a private chef (with any dietary restriction able to be accommodated)
  • Private use of the entire space with photography studio, group conference rooms, and kitchen 
  • Access to the full grounds, including hot tub, sauna, luxury amenities, Zen gardens, and hiking trails


During the peak season at Essex Woods in New England when the trees are full of foliage.

For travel arrangements, we’ll arrive at 5pm on 10/5 and leave by noon 0n 10/8.

More photos of the gorgeous grounds + facilities below.


Mike Iamele

Learn more about Mike at https://mikeiamele.com/

Alex Amorosi

Learn more about Alex at https://www.alexamorosi.com/

Mark Matthews

Learn more about Mark at https://www.themmphoto.com/


I’m a big believer in the ticketing system model at restaurants.

Once you make a decision to gift yourself a luxury experience, everything should be taken care of from there.

From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, there is not a thing to worry about.

Every meal, luxury, amenity, room, photoshoot, astrology reading, drag performance — even with a generous tip — is taken care of for you.

I know an investment of this nature may be a serious decision for you, so we open the doors 7 months in advance to give you extended payment plan options. We can discuss payment more in-depth on our brief chat once you apply.

Payment is discussed more in-depth on the FAQ if you’d like more information.


Queerness is healing the world. Because queerness is choosing yourself––how you experience or sense the world––over arbitrary rules.

And that’s not just liberation for queer people. That’s liberation for everyone.

We queer people are the spiritual leaders. But we’ve inherited so much internalized shame + homophobia from decades of being told we’re wrong, disgusting sex animals, and we can’t trust ourselves or each other.

When we know that every desire we have is right and makes sense, according to how we experience the world…

When we see our bodies at our most powerful and feel undeniably sexy…

When we feel physically safe being with other queer men and being emotionally vulnerable…

When we are celebrated for everything we’ve ever felt shame around…

…there’s not a goddamn thing we can’t do. We’ll never doubt our power again.

We deserve it. And so does this world.

what + why     |     FAQ     |     past experiences     |     sample itinerary

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Additional photos of Essex Woods Retreat Center.

Additional photos of Mark Matthews’ work.

what + why     |     FAQ     |     past experiences     |     sample itinerary

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