Subversive tools + coaching for smart, skeptical gay & queer men.

Okay, so what exactly do I do?

Short answer: I’ve got a pretty good track record of helping gay + queer men to discover authentic confidence, epic love + mind-blowing sex within a year or less.

Long answer: For nearly a decade now, my job has been to figure out what you subconsciously do every time you’ve ever been successful, confident, or turned on + then help you to build a life, relationships + sexuality around it.

I call it Mapping Sensitivities. And it basically means we map your entire life + boil it down to the 5 or 6 themes that explain:

  • Why you did, desired, or felt whatever you did (so you can understand + drop shame about the past)
  • Why it did or didn’t work out for you
  • What absolutely will work for you to get the sex, love + confidence you want

Now, the better question is––what can you do with sensitivities?

    • Immediately understand every secret fetish or desire you’ve ever had––even the really “shameful” ones
    • Figure out what exactly is blocking you in dating + how to tell if a partner will meet your needs (+ not ghost you) within minutes of chatting
    • Know the deep, subconscious itch you need scratched to have mind-blowing sex every time
    • Understand why your long-term relationship has gotten stagnant + how to bring the spark back 
    • Make sense of your insecurities + shame so you can finally let them go for good.
    • If you’ve never heard of sensitivities, head to the Free Trainings to learn more + start mapping what yours are.
    • If you want to know how the hell I got into this work, head to the About section.
    • And, if you’d like to talk about your current situation + if this work can help, schedule a consult.

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