October 5-8, 2023    |    Essex, MA (Near Boston)


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We gay + queer men are always being told to settle for less.

🔥 Tolerance instead of celebration.

🔥 “You’re expecting too much” instead of mind-blowing sex + relationships.

🔥 Automatically ranking ourselves against one another and feeling sexualized or judged instead of deep connection with other queer men.

🔥 “I’m cool with you being gay or queer, but I don’t want it shoved in my face.

Not here.

This is the kind of place where your favorite drag queen 👑 or porn star 🥵 congratulates you on joining us with a personalized video.

The kind of place where nightly hot tub + sauna time transforms from sexual anxiety and body insecurity into the deepest conversations you’ve ever had 🙌 with other queer men.

The kind of place where you drop every fear and insecurity you’ve ever had about your body 💪 and walk out of a personalized photoshoot feeling that your body is powerful and sexy––exactly as it looks right now.

The kind of place where you unpack + understand every one of your fetishes or shame alongside other queer men––the only people in the world who get it––without feeling judged or sexualized. 👏

A queer haven to find yourself. ❤️ Drop decades of shame. Feel a level of safety and deep connection with other queer men that you never knew possible. Fall in love with your body. 👏

And bring the new you back home to change your relationships or dating or confidence or life. 🙌

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Here’s the secret truth––all of us feel every fear and anxiety you’re having about this retreat. 😳

We’re all terrified we’re going to be left out or judged. 

We’re all secretly scared we’re going to somehow get seduced or pressured sexually.

We’re all scared this is too over-the-top and indulgent and unnecessary.

Without realizing it, we’ve all internalized some level of the world’s homophobia that often tells us we can’t trust other queer men or even ourselves––or that we don’t deserve this much celebration. 🤔

All of that is why we actually need each other. ❤️

This is not your typical retreat. I never once found a retreat that actually met our needs. 😤 

Not sexualizing, but not sterile, either. Where we don’t have to either be just spiritual and deep and pretend our sexuality isn’t a part of us, or pretend our sexuality is the only part of us. 

And where we can unpack all of that and feel safe with other queer men.

It’s the one we actually deserve. 🙌

Get the details          FAQ     |     hear past experiences     |     sample itinerary      

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