Astral Project, Disassociation + Trauma

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I had such a fun conversation on Your Soulful Goddess Podcast talking about astral projection and how it's not quite as "out there" as you might think. We dig in deeply to trauma, disassociation, and why we astral project ALL THE TIME. It's a surprising interview, so listen + read for more.

Astral projection?! 💫

What am I *not* talking about these days?

I sat down with Your Soulful Goddess for one of my favorite podcast interviews in a long time—to talk about astral projection. 🎙

My deepest passion is to normalize human experiences and to remind people their lived experience is the right thing.

Whether it’s sexuality, purpose, or spirituality—

If your experience doesn’t match up with what you’re taught, then THE TEACHING IS WRONG. You are right. 💪

And astral projection is pretty fucking normal. In fact, I do it dozens of times in a day.

When I go downstairs to do laundry and my mind is still thinking about this post and I barely remember walking? That’s astral projection. ✔️

When I am super bored and zoning out and daydreaming? That’s astral projection. ✔️

The clinical word we use to describe astral projection is DISASSOCIATION. 🩺 And it’s not always pathological.

Disassociation can be an important protective mechanism against trauma and a reprieve for the mind.

And it’s something we do ALL THE TIME.

Sure, people can get into really focused applications of astral projection. 🔮 But it’s not nearly as esoteric as we make it seem.

Like most things in spirituality, it’s totally natural and even mundane. Because—guess what—spirituality is natural. 🌜(So is sexuality, for what it’s worth.)

This interview is wild. I talk through trauma, disassociation, and spirituality—and then we move through a potent exercise to consciously disassociate. Or astrally project. ☄️

It’s a lot of fun. And, man, do I love my work.

So check it out above. And let me know what you think.

Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

I help people map their sensitivities and lived experiences to discover their purpose + brand. We call it Sacred Branding®.

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