How to Show Up in Your Life Purpose

What the hell is your life purpose? 🧐

I got the chance to hang out with Rejys Cowan of Spiritual Sh*t You Need to Know podcast to answer that very question. 🔮

If you’ve ever doubted your purpose… 🤷‍♂️

If you feel stuck and confused… 🤦‍♂️

If you have no idea how the experiences in your life connect… 🤔

Then don’t miss this one.

We talk about how to discover your own formula for happiness and purpose. And the cool thing is it works for literally anyone. 🤯

It’s just mapping what you’re most sensitive to. And I do it live in 5 minutes.

I dive in and do a demo with Rejys and then offer free resources to discover your own purpose. So scroll up and check it out. If you want a free demo for yourself, just go to mikeiamele.com/map.

Understand Your Subconscious Desires By Mapping Your Sensitivities

Let’s blow your mind 🤯.

I got to hang out with the brilliant psychotherapist Maurice Flournoy of The New Mind Creator Podcast to talk about the subconscious mind 🧐, hidden desires 🔥, and life purpose 💡

We dug into:

— Why you’ve struggled with life purpose 😩

— Why you crave what you crave 🤔

— The relationship between trauma, addiction, and life purpose ⚡️

— Why what we’re sensitive to can tell us EVERYTHING we want to understand about our lives 📢

— How to begin mapping your own sensitivities (Maurice courageously let me guide him through live and unpack his life in front of the audience) 🗺

It’s definitely an eye-opening one if you’re struggling to know your purpose or feeling shame about your patterns or desires.

And you can map your own sensitivities at mikeiamele.com/map.

So check it out above.

Identify Your Essence

I love Trish Nancoo of StrongTalk.

She dives into the deep, uncomfortable conversations people aren’t having anywhere else.

So I was excited to get the chance to sit down with Trish and really dig in.

— To sexuality + identity

— To body image + confidence

— To what it’s like to come out to millions

— To why we all feel lost and stuck around our purpose

— To identify our essence—who we are in business or relationships or sex

I could talk to Trish all day long. Thanks so much for having me on the show.

Now, listen above for one of my favorite recent interviews.

And pop back to let me know what you think.