What’s So Special About Visionaries?

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"We remind others—and ourselves—that we’re alive. We’re fucking alive. We’re not just robots going through the motions. We’re not just certain attributes like our wealth or gender or race or job or physical abilities. We’re geniuses. We’re fucking geniuses. And we refuse to be reduced to any one part of ourselves."

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Visionaries are modern sorcerers.

We can animate the inanimate. Give life where it wasn’t before. Make paintings dance. Or clients come alive. Or spark deep and real conversations where only superficiality had been.

In whatever endeavor we pursue, we bewitch everything around us to come alive.

We make people feel Safe or Empowered or Free or whatever specific genius magic we have inside.

We can’t help it. It’s just who we are. Because we see the genius, the life force, in all things. The emotional center, the purpose, the “why.”

A website is never just a website. A coaching session is never just a coaching session. A conversation is never just a conversation.

It’s a vehicle, a portal, to something deeper—all of it. And we visionaries live in the world of depth. We see more. We envision more. All that’s below the surface. What might be hidden in plain sight.

We are the seers. The oracles. The experiencers of life’s hidden mysteries. Of course we’re “too sensitive.” We sense more. We experience more of the essence in life all around us. And we bring it forward to take the world forward and make it more alive.

Everything we’ve ever shamed ourselves for is our genius. The “too much”-ness and “not enough”-ness are the places where we see bigger possibilities than currently exist.

Of course we get emotional “out of nowhere.” Or feel things really deeply. Or have resistance but aren’t sure why. Or know that something is right but don’t have the words to justify it.

Because we’re seeing, we’re experiencing, the hidden layers of life. We’re tapping into the essence. We need it to survive.

A life without essence is a life without life force for us. It’s boring and dull and dead. Shallow conversations and formalities of politeness and dispassionate work are painful for us.

Because, even if we can’t articulate it, we see life beyond the container. We taste Creativity and Love and Inspiration in food made by a passionate chef—even if we don’t know that’s what we’re tasting. We read Freedom and Alignment and Magic in the words of a heartfelt poet—even if we can’t quite put our finger on why they strike us so deeply.

It’s just food. They’re just words. But we know it’s so much deeper than that.

The medium itself does not make the art. It’s the raw essence inside. The thing that brings it to life. That’s what elevates it from a dull, profane, everyday container. To something truly sacred.

There’s a reason we visionaries are desperately searching to know our purpose. For the same reason that we couldn’t stop asking “why” as children. Because we seek out the essence, the purpose, the genius in all things.

The word purpose means “why.” It’s the essence. And we’ve been way more interested in the essence than what something looks like on the surface our entire lives.

It’s a tough road—being a visionary. To feel the world so much more acutely. To be sensitive and sense more. To see more of the world than others around us. To seek essence and substance in a world that seems to increasingly veer toward the superficial and commodified.

In a world full of objectification—where we’re constantly reduced to objects, less identified by our humanity than by money in the bank or social media followers—we visionaries bring life back where it has been stripped away.

We remind others—and ourselves—that we’re alive. We’re fucking alive. We’re not just robots going through the motions. We’re not just certain attributes like our wealth or gender or race or job or physical abilities. We’re geniuses. We’re fucking geniuses. And we refuse to be reduced to any one part of ourselves.

We feel and experience the essence, the emotion, in every moment. It’s what makes us alive. Of course we’re “too sensitive.” Because we experience life through our senses. And our sensitivies just mean that we’re alive. That we haven’t allowed life to make us numb.

And we’re going to discover the genius inside of ourselves—the thing that makes us unique and special and alive. And we’re going to use it to make others come alive.

To paint something so full of emotion that someone may cry when they see it. To write something so heartfelt that it may spin around in someone’s mind all day. To speak words to a friend or acquaintance that rocks their entire world.

Sharing that genius so fully. Even when it’s scary. Even when it feels impossible. Because we love this world too goddamn much to give up on it. We can see its heart. We can see its essence. And we want to share our gifts to make it come alive.

That’s the role of a visionary. That’s the role of a genius. The modern sorcerer. Who brings life back where it has been fading. To stand firm in the face of objectification and refuse to allow ourselves or anything else to be stripped of its life force.

To courageously share our genius, so that others can step into their own.

There is magic in being a visionary. In seeing more. In experiencing the essence, the mysteries hidden in plain sight.

Don’t shame yourself for being “too much” or “not enough.” It may very well be the thing that will change the world.


Questions for Reflection:

*Answer in a journal, in the comments right here, or take it over to the Sacred Branding® Facebook group where we can support one another:

What’s so special about visionaries?

— Do you ever feel emotional about something but aren’t sure why? Do you ever feel resistance about a project or struggle to take action but aren’t sure what’s going on? Do you ever get bored with shallow conversations or polite formalities?

— Do you see the potential of so many people in your life, even if they can’t see it themselves? Do you see beyond the superficial layers and deeper into what’s really going on—the essence—in situations?

— What if visionaries are modern sorcerers? What if your gift is to always “sense more”—to see deeper layers than others can see? What if you bring life and essence to the world? What if your genius is how you’re going to transform the world in your own way?

Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

Mike writes about how artists, entrepreneurs, healers, and visionaries of all kinds can actually build a life around the genius inside of them.

He's CEO of Mike Iamele LLC and Creator of Sacred Branding® and the Sacred Circle.

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