Think You’re Sensitive? It Probably Means You’re a Genius.

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"The thing about genius is it’s kind of like an “easy button.” It’s where things just naturally work out for you when you know how to align with it."

The process to discover your genius is pretty simple.

Because your genius, your purpose, your essence, is everywhere—it’s been hiding in plain sight.

It’s the exact reason why you were successful in that job but not this one. It’s the exact reason that situation felt particularly challenging or traumatic.

All we’re doing is mapping your sensitivities.

See, we visionaries have been told we’re “too sensitive” like it’s a bad thing our whole lives. Like sensitivity means “weakness.”

But it doesn’t. Quite literally, sensitivity means “able to sense.”

Able to experience. Able to see or touch or taste or smell or hear more. Able to split hairs and see nuances.

Geniuses are more sensitive in their areas of genius. They can sense more than anyone else can there.

A genius in music can hear nuances in music that I just can’t hear. A genius in cinematography can see nuances in filming that I just can’t see.

Genius is synonymous with sensitivity. And we visionaries have enough of that to go around.

Of course, we’re going to hold more trauma around areas where we’re sensitive—because they’ll affect us deeper.

And, of course, we’ll hold stronger yearnings around areas where we’re sensitive—because we want things more there.

And, of course, we’ll be more gifted in areas where we’re sensitive—because we can see nuances no one else can see.

Our sensitivity is our genius. And the more sensitive we are, the more genius we’ve unearthed.

We have higher highs and lower lows in our areas of sensitivity. We feel things more acutely. And, most of all, it’s much harder to settle for what doesn’t fit.

And it’s frustrating as hell, right? It’s why so often we might feel like we’re “too much” or “not enough.”

“Too high-maintenance” and “too demanding” and “too sensitive.” And not “easy-going enough” or “laid-back enough” or “chill enough.”

And maybe we’ve shamed ourselves for it. Or been shamed by others. Maybe we’ve been told that we should just lighten up and just be happy there.

Which we, of course, know is code for “settle.” Just suck it up and be happy like the next person—the less sensitive person. The one who doesn’t see the nuances of why this isn’t a fit—even if we don’t have the language to articulate it.

So we’ve spent a lot of our lives shaming ourselves for being “too much” and “not enough”—when those were the very aspects of our genius.

The thing about genius is it’s kind of like an “easy button.” It’s where things just naturally work out for you when you know how to align with it.

For most of my life, I’ve felt “too much” around being playful and goofy and zany. But it turns out that, around the right spaces, my zaniness is what makes me so successful. In fact, dozens of people have directly told me that my zaniness is why they wanted to work with me over anyone else.

It’s my easy button. My genius. And, when I know how to use it, it works every time.

We’ve all got one. Every single person has areas of sensitivity. Areas of genius.

And they’re the exact same areas that have created success in every aspect of your life. They’re the exact same areas that have caused the most pain or trauma in every aspect of your life.

In Sacred Branding®, which is our proprietary methodology for helping a person to discover their own unique genius, we just map those experiences and begin to code them with language—and then reduce all of that language in a systematic way to just 5 or 6 core themes that we call ‘Brand Energies.’

And it’s shocking what happens when we no longer see our sensitivity  the thing holding us back but rather as the area where we’re geniuses. Where we can see nuances that no one else can see.

It’s where we can dream up possibilities no one else can. It’s where our greatest creativity, ideas, business offerings, and art come from. It’s our brand. Our superpower. The unique thing that only we can do.

And it doesn’t quite matter which aspect of our lives we choose to use it in.

It’s the secret behind every business success I’ve ever had. And it’s the secret behind my marriage success.

It’s how I stay so consistent with my morning routine. And it’s been the most powerful personal growth tool I’ve ever had.

Because, any time something isn’t working out—like I’m not making the money I want, or I’m not feeling happy in a friendship, or I just don’t like my wardrobe anymore—I can pinpoint exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.

I just look to which of my sensitivities are not being expressed.

It’s really easy to look through my wardrobe and say, “Okay, which one is least represented here? Aligned? Zany? Free? Unmistakable? Successful? Vulnerable?” And then shift that in minutes.

But it’s equally easy to say, “Okay, this marketing plan failed. Which aspect did we step into the least? Aligned? Zany? Free? Unmistakable? Successful? Vulnerable? And then do that very thing.

And it works every time. How can it not? It’s a blueprint for success based on my sensitivity. Personalized for me—by me.

It kind of feels like rigging the system. And yet the truth is every single person is born with this. That’s literally what genius means: An inborn nature or generative power. It’s our birthright. Our superpower.

The unique life purpose that no one else has.

So the next time someone says to you, “You’re ‘too sensitive,’” thank them. Honor them. They’re just noticing a whole bunch of genius you’ve got.

Maybe you can’t settle because you can see nuances others can’t. Maybe it’s more painful because you’re experiencing it all more acutely. Maybe you want it more because you can see aspects others can’t see.

Your sensitivity is your genius. And leaning into that sensitivity is how you begin to offer the world the thing that only you can.

It’s how you make the unique impact you were born to make. And how you feel full of purpose.


*If you want to discover your own essence and ‘Brand Energies,’ you’re welcome to explore our proprietary Sacred Branding® methodology.

Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

I help people map their sensitivities and lived experiences to discover their purpose. We call it Sacred Branding®.

Learn how to map your own sensitivities:


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