That Time Millions Talked About My Sex Life (+ Other Comedic Stories)

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I sat down with Stranger Connections podcast to talk about that time millions were talking about my sex life, the time I almost lit a house on fire breathing in accidental marijuana incense, and other comedic stories. Listen + read for the whole story.

There was the time I woke up to millions of people talking about my sex life. 🙈

Or the time I was lost in the middle of Rome, about the pee my pants in a rainstorm—that led me to propose to Garrett. 💍

Or the time I almost set my friend’s house on fire breathing in accidental weed incense. (You have to hear this one to believe it.) 

I love telling stories. And, fortunately, I got to be a guest on Lisa David Olson’s Stranger Connections podcast to tell a few of my favorites.

Lisa is one of the funniest people I know. In this 30-minute comedy podcast, we had so many laughs and vulnerable moments about:

—How Garrett and I fell in love ❤️

—What it was like to come out in an accidentally viral article 😬

—How I had the proposal from hell that turned into a really sweet story 👨‍❤️‍👨

—The craziest “prank” I ever performed 😜

I share my Zaniest stories on this one. If you want to hear me bare it all—and have a few laughs along the way—listen up above.

And let me know which is your favorite story.

Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

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