Conversation Replays

How Sex and Sexuality Can Relieve Anxiety and Help Us to Feel Safe

Monday April 6, 12PM EDT
Jenna Vincent

DIY: Make Your Own Antiviral Disinfectant Wipes

Monday April 6, 3PM EDT
Vicki Iamele

Learn Energy Healing to Support Yourself and Loved Ones Through These Times

Monday April 6, 6PM EDT
Deana Welch

Use Your Breath to Support Yourself and Relieve Anxiety

Tuesday April 7, 12PM EDT
Nancy Branberg, PT

Yoga for Grounding + Calm

Tuesday April 7, 3PM EDT
Lauren Copeland

Street Etiquette for Rediscovering the Humanity in Strangers

Tuesday April 7, 6PM EDT
Sherard Harrington

Use Everyday Herbs to Release Stress and Come Home to Yourself

Wednesday April 8, 12PM EDT
Steph Zabel

ART WORKSHOP: Soothe your soul with creative expression during this time of uncertainty and worry

Wednesday April 8, 3PM EDT
Amanda Hawthorne

Building Your Mental + Emotional Health First-Aid Kit

Wednesday April 8, 6PM EDT
Mike Iamele

Find Presence in the Midst of Chaos

Thursday April 9, 12PM EDT
Alexis Pierce

How to Use Journaling for Reflection + Peace

Thursday April 9, 3PM EDT
Mike Iamele & Sherri Hayter

Tapping into Your Power (EFT Tapping for Stress Relief and Empowerment)

Thursday April 9, 6PM EDT
Kate Lamie

Group Energy Work: Let's Release the Energy of Collective Grief

Friday April 10, 12PM EDT
Anita Brey

Money Matters: Managing Finances During This Turbulent Time

Friday April 10, 3PM EDT
Deepa Ramachandran, CPA

Culmination Call: We're in this Together

Friday April 10, 6:00PM EDT
Sherri Hayter