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How many life purpose webinars have you joined that promised to tell you your entire life purpose, only to end up with one of two things:

  1. Something super generic, like, “Your life purpose is to be happy.”

  2. Something super specific, like, “You are passionate about writing. Your life purpose is to be a writer.”

It’s not your fault that you don’t know your life purpose. Because most life purpose advice fundamentally misses the point.

You don’t have to feel lost or confused or “all over the place” any more. You don’t have to guess why this relationship worked out but that one didn’t. Or why this job was successful but that one wasn’t. 

For years, I scoured every life purpose webinar and book out there, desperate to discover my purpose. 

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. No idea how all of my various jobs even remotely fit together. I felt “all over the place.” I felt confused. I felt lost. 

And I was always so frustrated that yet another life purpose webinar didn’t work for me. Maybe it helped me realize one of my passions, but it never really gave me answers. 

Life purpose webinars never actually gave me my purpose. 

It never helped me understand my trauma. Or improve my relationships. Or build a business that I love. 

Because it was never really about purpose–or “the why.” It was about the “what.”

The word purpose implies “the reason,” “the why.” Your purpose isn’t that you want to be a life coach, but why coaching feels so purposeful for you. It’s not that this traumatic situation happened, but why it felt so traumatic. 

Purpose should ultimately be able to answer ANY of our questions. It should be able to help us move through shame, transmute trauma, make more money, find deeper love, improve our relationships–all of it. 

If it can’t, then it’s not really purpose.

We’re about to break down everything you’ve ever been told about purpose and hold it up to this standard. 

And then we’re going to learn exactly how to discover your purpose in a way that answers all of your questions. 

It’s an incredibly powerful webinar.

If you’ve wanted to know your purpose — really, really know your purpose — this is it.

Just imagine what would be possible if you knew your life purpose without a shadow of a doubt. 

Imagine if you could drop all the shame because you understand why you did something or why something happened to you.

Imagine if you could stop questioning — if you knew why this job worked out but that one didn’t, or why this relationship worked when that one blew up in flames.

If you actually had all the answers to your life, what would be possible? What could you do? Who would you be?

In exactly one hour, you can know exactly how to discover your purpose. 

You’ll learn:

  1. Why You Don’t Know Your Purpose

It’s not your fault you don’t know your purpose. It’s not because you’re confused or lost or “all over the place.” You’ll be shocked at how quickly the dots will click in place before this webinar is over.

  1. The 3 Life Purpose Myths That Have Been Screwing You Up

Life purpose webinars, books, and teachings keep sharing the same three myths that keep us stuck from knowing our purpose and reiterate shame. The second we take a critical eye to these myths, it becomes really obvious why you haven’t discovered your purpose and how to start right now.

  1. Why It Never Lasted When You “Found Your Purpose” in the Past

How many times has a webinar, coach, program, psychic, or friend helped you to “discover your purpose,” only for you to be right back at square one in a few months? You’ll understand why that happened and why most purpose advice isn’t actually about purpose.

  1. The Method We’ve Used with Hundreds of People to Discover Your Purpose Right Now

The simple method to discover your purpose with absolute certainty has been tested on hundreds and hundreds of people over the past five years with a 100% success rate of helping people know their purpose.

  1. How to Use Purpose to Improve Your Life

Life purpose should be able to answer any question in your life from “Which business effort will be most successful and fulfilling?” to “How can I improve my relationship?” The word purpose means the reason or why. In this webinar you’ll learn how to begin answering these questions for yourself.

About Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele is a writer, a mentor for creative visionaries, and a sought-after expert on life purpose.

As the creator of the proprietary Sacred Branding® process, Mike has helped hundreds of visionaries–from spiritual seekers to creatives to seven-figure business owners–to discover their unique genius and share it with the world.

Mike is the author of Enough Already: Create Success on Your Own Terms (Conari Press 2015). He’s been featured in dozens of magazines, podcasts, and online publications, including the Daily Dot, MindBodyGreen, NPR, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, Life Hack, The Good Men Project, Elephant Jourhal, Under 30 CEO, YFS Magazine, Brazen Careerist, The Fabulous Blog, The Awakened Goddess Show, and Venture Fizz, among others.