My First Gay Relationship

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I put it all on the line with Cross Talk and discussed everything from vomiting blood daily, to falling in love with my male caretaker (when I identified as straight), to blogging about the experience and 100,000 people sharing it by the time I woke up. Listen + read for the full, full story.

Some of you know how I fell in love. Some of you don’t.

I sat down with Cross Talk for a vulnerable and intimate interview about how Garrett and I fell in love.

—How I identified as straight at the time

—How Garrett had to become my caregiver when I was suddenly vomiting blood daily

—How I started to have feelings for him and didn’t know what to do with them

—How we spent two years exploring how to make the relationship work and if we could even be intimate

—How I blogged about the experience and 100,000 people had shared it by the time I woke up

—What it was like to have millions of people taking about my sex life when I didn’t even know my sexuality

—How we got engaged in the most epic, disastrous, crazy proposal story you’ve ever heard

It’s been a journey. And I lay it all on the line here with Cross Talk.

Check it out above.

Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

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