Map Your Sensitivities

Get immediate access to the full Sacred Branding® process to discover your purpose, brand, and personal formula for success + fulfillment.

Discover Your Purpose + Brand

Get immediate access to the Sacred Branding® eCourse .

For nearly a decade, Sacred Branding® has helped hundreds of celebrities, influencers, artists, entrepreneurs, and spiritual seekers to know their purpose and to build a resonant brand around where they’re naturally successful + fulfilled.

Basically, it maps your sensitivities + entire lived experience to figure out which levers you naturally pull every single time you’re successful in your life.

It’s given deep clarity on all kinds of things, like:

    • Resonant branding and messaging that connects with your audience.
    • Structure of your business + offerings to package up exactly what you do.
    • Personalized marketing strategy for clarity on your next steps.
    • Entire life purpose to understand yourself and your trauma.
    • Spiritual growth.
    • Subconscious motivations and needs.
    • Personal intimacy + romance language.

The Sacred Branding® eCourse packages up that exact same $1,000 process––for less than 1/5 of the investment so we can open this work up to everyone. Plus additional trainings, support, and a workbook to implement this work directly into your work, relationships, and life.

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It's Like Turning on The Light Switch.

Most of us go through life like we’re throwing darts in the dark, trying to hit the bullseye. 

Once in a great while, we might get really lucky and miraculously hit that bullseye. But, even if we do, we have no idea why it worked or how to repeat it.

Mapping your sensitivities and lived experiences is like turning the lights on. By understanding the underlying levers you naturally pull in every single moment of success and fulfillment, we can map your exact brand for success.

And that brand is your purpose. It’s the unique sensitivities you’ve had since the moment of birth.

It’s where you feel most alive. It’s why some things worked out but others didn’t. It’s what your greatest gifts are. What you most want to feel. Where you’re naturally successful.

And they’re in every single situation of your life, so they’re pretty easy to map if we have a process for mapping them.

Map Your Sensitivities.

The Sacred Branding® eCourse breaks down the entire process of mapping your sensitivities to discover your purpose + brand into:

15 digestible videos through Preparation, the Sacred Branding® Process, and Implementation so you can take action immediately

Over 5 hours of hand-holding and support as I guide you through every step of the process, and you fill out worksheets right alongside me

Answers to and predictions for any pitfalls and challenges as they come up for you in real time

1.5 hours of training and a workbook specifically around implementing this work into every aspect of your life from your job to your relationships to your self-esteem and personal growth

5 live demonstration sessions of me guiding a client through each step of a 1:1 Sacred Branding® session to answer even more of your questions

Testing methods to ensure this is 100% your purpose + brand

Purpose + Branding Can be Overwhelming.

But, even with all of this support, we recognize that definitively knowing your purpose and building your brand can be totally overwhelming.

Where do you start? How do you continue taking action so that this isn’t just “another course” in a few months?

So, we’ve thrown in a whole bunch of complimentary bonuses to help keep you moving forward and taking action long after the course is over:

    • Purpose Jumpstart eBook: 10 Ways to Take Action on Your Purpose Immediately ($47 value)
      Implement your purpose + brand in simple and manageable ways that will irrevocably transform your life within minutes of finishing the Sacred Branding® eCourse.
    • Pinterest + Brand Energies Lab ($97 value)
      Visualize your purpose + brand with this powerful hands-on Pinterest lab to see exactly what a business, relationship, and/or life led by your purpose will look like.
    • The Art of Becoming You Masterclass ($147 value)
      Become the artist of your life and shift your mindset to empower yourself and build a life around your purpose + brand with this shocking masterclass
    • Purpose Talks: A Curated Collection of Our 10 Best Interviews on Purpose ($67 value)
      Explore over 5 hours of our best interviews and content to predict every possible purpose problem you may face to support you in taking your life to the next level.

Purpose Jumpstart Guide

Pinterest + Brand Energies Lab

The Art of Becoming You Masterclass

Purpose Talks

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We have helped hundreds of people to discover their Sacred Branding® for the better part of a decade.

We guarantee that you will map your sensitivities and discover the themes of your purpose + brand with the Sacred Branding® system. If you go through the entire Sacred Branding® eCourse and somehow still don’t know your purpose + brand by the end, then we are happy to refund you within 30 days of your purchase.

All You Have to Do Is Connect the Dots.

Your lived experience is your map. You’ve had moments of success in life. And moments of failure. And everything in between.

And there’s a consistent pattern of exactly where you feel successful and purposeful, and where you don’t.

You deserve to know with absolute certainty what will make you successful and fulfilled. And exactly how you can share your gifts and build that brand. So that there are no questions about what steps to take.

I believe that every single person deserves to know their life purpose. Their brand + personal formula for success. And that this world is a better place when everyone is tapped into their own brand + purpose.

Not purpose or branding as airy-fairy concepts. But purpose + branding as an incredibly practical, actionable, reliable, predictable formula for success and fulfillment that works in every aspect of your life without fail.

A Recap of Everything Included:

  • Sacred Branding® eCourse ($500 value)
  • Purpose Jumpstart eBook: 10 Ways to Take Action on Your Purpose Immediately ($47 value)
  • Pinterest + Brand Energies Lab ($97 value)
  • The Art of Becoming You Masterclass ($147 value)
  • Purpose Talks: A Curated Collection of Our 10 Best Interviews on Purpose ($67 value)

Total Value: $858

But, if you’d like to join us, you can get it all for:

$198 or 3 payments of $66

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