Is Your Vision a Pipedream?

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"Being a visionary is so much more than just being a creator. In fact, it’s much more about being a full embodier. Carrying that vision in every aspect of our being. Because it’s who we are. And we’ll spend our entire lives becoming more of ourselves. Embodying more of ourselves."

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Our vision is always bigger than what we can currently embody.

It’s less about what we’re creating and more about what we’re moving toward.

The dream. The ideals. The Great Opus. That may not ever fully come to fruition as we see in our minds. But that moves the world in that direction.

Our vision has to be bigger than our current embodiment. Because it’s what pulls us forward. It’s what draws us to access more of our genius than we knew was possible.

If we start from feeling “not good enough,” we have no momentum and are thus pushing ourselves by others’ rules. If we start from feeling capable ourselves, we can create a great deal—but only from what we currently believe we can create.

But, if we start from a vision, then we’re tapping into something bigger than ourselves. Something that can pull us forward. Even when we swear we can’t do it anymore.

It’s our Great Opus. Our genius. Our life purpose.

And we’ll be spending our whole lives stepping deeper and deeper into it.

There’s a big difference between not being capable of something and not yet embodying it.

A tiny seed is highly capable of producing gorgeous flowers. But it may not embody those flowers just yet.

The wisdom is in there. It’s a part of it. Because to even have a vision in the first place means it’s already inside of you.

We can’t have a vision without being something already. The vision is the most tender, sensitive part of ourselves that beckons us forth to more of our potential.

A seed without flowers is still the same plant as one who’s already bloomed. It’s just at different stages of embodiment. And it’s this inner call, this whispering of Mother Nature, that beckons the plant to deeper levels of embodiment.

We humans call that whisper a vision. And it’s the thing that asks us to step into deeper levels of embodiment our entire lives.

But we can’t be called forward from nothing (i.e. not feeling good enough). And we can’t be called forward from where we’re at. We have to be called forward from the very thing inside of us that is bigger than what we currently embody.

It’s not pushing ourselves because we think we have something to prove. It’s being pulled because we’re stepping more fully into embodying who we already are.

And that’s a giant act of surrender. Something we can’t control. Something that is both a part of us and bigger than us. So we can’t micro-manage every little detail of it.

Just like the seed, we can only trust that the infinite wisdom that powers us can guide us in continuing to grow. We’re just unfolding more deeply into what’s already inside.

And I’ll tell you firsthand—that’s a hellish ride. To put so much faith in something intangible. And maybe invisible. Something that others would tell us is absolute madness. But something that we feel inside so deeply.

Even on bad days. When it feels like we’ve failed it. And we can’t go on. And we can’t possibly do anymore. Because it’s brought us to our limits.

Our vision will always call us past our limits. Because it’s asking us to embody more of ourselves than we ever have before. It’s asking us to grow bigger than we thought was possible.

And our only job is to embody deeper. Not just create that vision—in a job or relationship or piece of art. But to be it. To live it. In every fiber of our being.

A flower offers its beauty and fragrance to the world. Not just because it creates it, but because it is it. It embodies itself. And those creations are the natural gifts of its embodiment.

Being a visionary is so much more than just being a creator. In fact, it’s much more about being a full embodier. Carrying that vision in every aspect of our being. Because it’s who we are. And we’ll spend our entire lives becoming more of ourselves. Embodying more of ourselves.

Our vision is life force, itself.

Just because a baby can’t yet walk or grow a full head of hair doesn’t mean they’re incapable. It means that life force is inside of them, unfolding and asking them to grow into it. To literally become more of themselves in their body. To embody themselves.

When we become that vision of the world we want—of, say, a visionary who discovers his own genius, for me—it’s not just about creating it anymore. It’s generative. And generous.

It’s something that’s re-created in every moment—whether that’s in writing a blog post, teaching a class, or out to dinner with friends. It’s something that’s freely given without so much as a thought—just like a flower offers its fragrance without even trying.

Because it’s not created with tremendous effort. It’s embodied.

And that’s something we’ll deepen into for the rest of our lives.

Just because you haven’t yet embodied your vision doesn’t mean it’s not already who you are. It’s always asking you to stretch yourself and step more deeply into that vision. To unfold into it.

And our only job is to listen to those whispers of genius inside of us. The ones that tell us to become more of who we already are. Even when we don’t believe we’re good enough or that we can grow anymore.

I’ll be honest—I don’t have the stamina, myself, to keep going some days. When I’m dealing with tech issues and work challenges and maybe some exhaustion. If I were starting from my own baseline—of not feeling good enough or feeling just good enough—I wouldn’t keep going.

But my vision is more than enough to pull me forward. It’s the power that allows me to grow bigger than I currently am. It reminds me of why I’m doing this—not the tiny little problems or adjustments—but the overarching vision.

And maybe I’ll never realize it one day. Maybe I won’t be able to help every single visionary in the world know their genius and freely express themselves to one another. It’s an ideal, after all.

But, damn, if that vision doesn’t pull me to do things I never believed were possible. And to become way more of my genius self.


Questions for Reflection:

*Answer in a journal, in the comments right here, or take it over to the Sacred Branding® Facebook group where we can support one another:

Is your vision a pipedream?

— Do you feel totally incapable of creating your vision? Does it feel like you have really big, audacious goals, and you’re only fooling yourself?

— Do you get frustrated or exhausted by your vision when it’s not working out? Do you feel like you don’t have the stamina to keep going when nothing’s working?

— What if your vision is already a part of you? What if you couldn’t see what wasn’t already there? What if that vision is simply pulling you forward to embody more of who you already are? And all you have to do is let its whispers guide you?

Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

Mike writes about how artists, entrepreneurs, healers, and visionaries of all kinds can actually build a life around the genius inside of them.

He's CEO of Mike Iamele LLC and Creator of Sacred Branding® and the Sacred Circle.

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