How a Chronic Condition Made Me Strong

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I stopped by The Strong AF Podcast to talk about how sickness has made me strong. It's made me fall in love with Garrett, come out to millions, become a clinical herbalist, and become who I am. And I get to talk about my favorite herbs to help us survive the pandemic. So listen + read for more.

I’ve been really sick. Many times.

Vomiting blood. Bent over in pain. Unable to leave the house.

Even just last year, I was sick for 3.5 months.

But I’ve become so grateful for it. Because it’s made me STRONG AF.

A mantra in my life has become “If I can survive this, I can survive anything.”

So I sat down with The Strong AF Podcast to talk about how sickness has made me STRONG AF.

And how grateful I’ve become for a chronic condition because I wouldn’t be who I am today otherwise.

Without sickness, I never would have:

— Fallen in love with Garrett and explored my own sexuality in new ways

— Withstood the stress of millions of people talking about my sex life

— Proposed to Garrett on the most disastrous day of my life

— Become an herbalist and healed myself with plant medicine

I talked to hosts Ash + Yuri about so many of these experiences and stories and how we can find our own inner strength through adversity and pain.

And I got the chance to talk about my favorite herbs to help us through the stress of the pandemic and life right now.

This is a fun one, so check it out up above. And drop me a note about what you think.

Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

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