Do You Lack Clarity Around Your Vision?

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"A vision is always greater than the sum of its parts. It’s the essence that all those parts hold space for. Like great art. Sure, we can analyze and dissect the hell out of a painting. But doing so never quite gets to the heart, the emotions, the essence of the painting."

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Visions aren’t complete.

They never are. They can’t be.

We can’t possibly see every little detail of a vision. In fact, we visionaries probably lack a lot of clarity around our visions.

Maybe we can’t even see them. Maybe it’s just a feeling. A deep knowing in the pit of your stomach. And we have no idea how it will look or how we’ll even create it. But there’s this feeling.

Because a vision is less about control and more about ideals.

It’s not about controlling the exact way it will come to be and keeping a tight grip on every little detail. It’s about the ideals of a vision—the overarching essence. The ideals that tell us about our values and purpose and genius—and, ultimately, about ourselves.

It’s about recognizing that we’re only concerned with those tiny details in the first place because they bring us to our essence.

A vision is always greater than the sum of its parts. It’s the essence that all those parts hold space for. Like great art. Sure, we can analyze and dissect the hell out of a painting. But doing so never quite gets to the heart, the emotions, the essence of the painting.

It reminds me of planning my wedding. I was one of the few people in the world who actually enjoyed planning a wedding. Because, to me, it was less about an expensive party and more about an art exhibit.

Garrett and I were showcasing the art of our lives. And, every detail, even the people who were there, was telling part of that story.

But I had no idea where to start. I didn’t know what it would look like at all. But I had a feeling. I could sense what that art would feel like. What essence the experience had.

And, once I had some semblance of that essence, and knew it was fully alive, it became easy to plan.

I’d look into a photographer or a venue and check how it felt against the essence. If it matched that feeling, it was a keeper. If not, I had to keep looking.

I did this with our guest list. And the flowers. And music choices. And 1,000 small details that I guarantee no one ever noticed.

But they could feel it. They could experience it.

Too often we can’t see the forest for the trees. We mistake the container for the essence. We get so wrapped up in the technical, minutiae that we forget it’s all building to something bigger and greater.

And, if some details don’t work out or are impossible, oh well. We can still communicate that essence in different ways. Because it was never about controlling the perfect dynamics. It was always about expressing an essence.

Visions can’t be complete.

Because there are a million variables in play. And a fully specific vision is just another way to try to control all of those variables. That level of tight specificity leaves no room for growth and expansion.

And visions always stretch and grow us beyond what we thought was possible before. They’re bigger possibilities than the world currently has.

So, of course, it needs to be loose and flexible and open-ended.

We visionaries need to stop shaming ourselves for lacking clarity. We tell ourselves that we’re broken or confused because we can’t see the entire path before us.

But we visionaries never walk an illuminated path. Our role is to stumble our way through the darkness and then shine a light where it’s never been before. A light for others to follow.

We haven’t faced the darkness just yet, so we can’t know all the details. But we know enough to know that walking into this darkness is where we want to go.

We’ll never be able to see all of it. Because the magic, the essence, is in the mystery. It’s not in the specific details.

We can study the hell out of my anatomy and physiology. Learning a lot about the body and how it all works together. But none of that explains the great mystery—the essence or life that powers it all.

The details are the muscles and bones. But the essence is the indescribable mystery that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our visions are alive, remember. They’re life force, itself. They’re the great mystery, the magic that we’ll never fully understand or see.

We need to build the containers to hold that essence, step by step. Maybe not yet seeing the entire thing fully formed. But having just enough of a vision or a feeling to know which direction to move in.

And maybe that’s enough. Hell, maybe that’s everything.

Because we’re connecting with this fully alive essence, this vision. This mysterious, invisible force that is guiding us all along the way.

And, even if my body were a tiny bit heavier or my hair were a tiny bit lighter, I’d still be Mike. Because it’s not really about the details. It’s about the essence.

Our visions might not look at all like we were expecting them to. But they’ll still feel like that same essence.

And our job is to not confuse the details for the essence. Not get so obsessed with having perfect clarity or this one way to do it. Our job is to simply honor the essence. To build a temple that can house that essence.

Whether that’s a relationship, a job, a business offering, or a piece of art. Our only job is to connect with that vision and then build a temple that will honor that vision.

Not choosing things because they’re easy or make sense or what everyone else does. But choosing things because they’re right for that essence.

That’s our role, as the visionaries, the artists, the creators, the geniuses of the world.

We see the fully alive vision to whatever extent we can—knowing it’s incomplete. We faithfully follow in the direction of that vision. We check every detail back against the vision. And we don’t become so obsessed with the details that we forget about the essence.

Our greatest skill is to not have total clarity—to not be completely fixated on one way of doing something.

Because that’s our creativity, that’s our magic, that’s our visionary genius.


Questions for Reflection:

*Answer in a journal, in the comments right here, or take it over to the Sacred Branding® Facebook group where we can support one another.

Do you lack clarity around your vision?

  • Do you feel like you don’t have all the details around your vision? Are you confused and frustrated about what you want to do, or how you’ll make it come to life?
  • Do you sometimes obsess over the details? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all of the pieces?
  • What if the vision will never be complete? What if your lack of clarity is actually your creativity and genius—the space to explore and ideate? And all you need is a feeling to guide you one step forward?
Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele

Mike writes about how artists, entrepreneurs, healers, and visionaries of all kinds can actually build a life around the genius inside of them.

He's CEO of Mike Iamele LLC and Creator of Sacred Branding® and the Sacred Circle.

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