Why Is It So Overwhelming?

“It’s okay to be overwhelmed. We’re not ‘too sensitive’ or ‘weak.’ And we don’t have to dishonor our feelings and push through it. In fact, feeling overwhelmed is kind of a natural response to any big vision.”

Is Your Vision a Pipedream?

“Being a visionary is so much more than just being a creator. In fact, it’s much more about being a full embodier. Carrying that vision in every aspect of our being. Because it’s who we are. And we’ll spend our entire lives becoming more of ourselves. Embodying more of ourselves.”

Are You a Visionary But Not a Leader?

“We throw around that term ‘leader’ so much. But we can’t be a leader if we have nothing to lead from. Leaders need to reconnect with their vision. They need to reconnect with their genius. They need to lead from that place.”

Are You Pushing or Pulling?

“Pushing implies that we’re starting from the place of nothing—not good enough—and trying to get somewhere. Pulling implies that some future vision of us is already alive and present, and is bringing us forward.”