You Inspire Me Every Single Day

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Sometimes it’s hard. It’s fucking hard.

To be human. To be an entrepreneur. To be figuring your shit out every single day. With insecurities. And fears. And jealousies. And power struggles. And money concerns. And desires. And everything else that makes us who we are.

It’s hard.

And I want to take a moment to just honor that. To acknowledge what an incredible job you’re doing. And, sure, in truth there’s no right or wrong, bad or good. But, for this moment, let’s just be human. Let’s buy into the dualism. Let’s acknowledge that we’re doing a pretty freaking incredible job here.

Because you could have chosen an easier path. One where you’re not totally happy. One where you just get by. Do your thing. Don’t ever really put yourself out there.

But you want better. Even during the hard times. Even when money’s tight. Or when no clients seem to be anywhere in sight. Or when you have no idea if you can actually do any of this. You know that it’s better to truly live than to play it safe.

You have so much self-love that you know that you need this. Even with all of the struggles. And pain.

That inspires me. That inspires me every freaking day. To remember that there are people like you out there. Doing it. Making it happen. Living your dreams. Even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard.

You know, I talk a lot on here about letting it all be easy. And, truthfully, it can be easy. It can just be a natural unfolding of your Soul. But the hard part is getting out of our own way and working through the resistance so we can let it be easy.

Sure, we’ve all got a story. Sure, we’ve all got our own excuses and beliefs. But we are incredible, divine beings—more powerful than we will ever, ever know. We can do anything. Anything. Things that don’t even seem possible. One hundred years ago if you told people that we would one day carry around tiny phones that acted like yet-to-be-invented computers, or that I could write a letter (blog post) that could instantly be shared with thousands and thousands across every corner of the world, they’d think you were crazy.

But we did it. We do all of it. All the time.

And, if it’s possible for any of us, it’s possible for all of us. I think that’s why I’m so goddamn inspired by all of you. As I hear your phenomenal success stories in my e-mail and my Facebook page, I think, “Yeah, it’s possible for me too.”

And I think we’ve all got to cultivate this belief in the impossible. Because even that is arbitrary. What’s possible and impossible is just a line we’re drawing in the sand. We’re decided that we’re somehow cut off from certain things in life. And why are we the ones making that decision? Why don’t we try and play and experiment, and see what can happen?

I’ve seen crazy things—things I never believed could happen before. People go from poor to wealthy overnight. People download an entire vision of the future of their work in an instant. People let go of all of their trauma in mere moments. It’s shocking, but it’s all possible.

We just have to start by believing that it is.

So, yeah, it’s hard. It’s really freaking hard. But even the hard times are there for us. To teach us. To help us. To expand us.

When we decided to be human, we decided to be all of it. We wanted the whole range. Because, truthfully, it’s all there for us. We’re just the ones deciding that it’s good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, easy vs. hard. And that’s totally okay to do. But know that even those darkest moments are just teaching us how to be more of ourselves.

How to shine brighter. Unfold deeper. Be who we were always meant to be. Because we deserve it more than anything we’ve ever deserved before. But, more importantly, the world desperately, desperately needs it. In fact, it’s why we were born.

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  3. I would have been in trouble for touching. I know how much work went into the successful production of each of these pieces. CONGRATULATIONS on SUCCESS in their making and on the expression of your vision in your art! YEAH!

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