The thing that’s holding you back isn’t that you’re not trying hard enough or that you’re not saying enough affirmations. It’s simply that you just aren’t clear on what you’re building.

And, without clarity, you can’t manifest squat. So it’s time to get you some brand clarity.

Sacred Branding™

Our proprietary methodology to help you to discover your purpose, capture it (in its entirety) in just 5-6 words, and use it to create a thriving business.

In this two-hour breakthrough session work with you 1:1 to walk you through this radically different and energetically-based way to brand your business. It’s part energetic activation, part laser coaching. part coming home to yourself, part business counseling.

You’ll learn how just six words can capture your entire brand and guide you on every single business decision you will ever have to make. By the end of the session, you will have much greater clarity around your business’ brand and how to infuse that into everything from web design to future courses and programs.

Over the course of two hours, we’ll dive deep into:

  • Who exactly your audience is on a demographic, emotional, and energetic level, and how to reach them with your work
  • Who you are on a Soul level and why everything that has ever happened to you occurred
  • How to map your own energetic blueprint for success and understand which opportunities will be successful and which won’t
  • How to boil your life purpose down into just 5-6 words
  • Activating your Soul purpose into rituals that will immediately shift your energy
  • How to understand both your light and shadow forms, and why some relationships are so nourishing while others have been draining
  • How to move through self-deception and know your purpose without a doubt — in an entirely new way
  • You deepest wounds and how to begin to shift them so that you can step into alignment with your purpose
  • How to communicate your work clearly and with resonance (through website, copy, blog posts, marketing, etc.)

Investment: $500, which includes a two-hour session, energy work and activation, clarity around your audience, industry, and messaging, and a video recording of the whole session.

Schedule your Sacred Branding™ session through the scheduling and payment system below. After you choose your desired time slot, you will be required to provide payment to confirm your appointment.