Discover your life purpose. Create your dream successful business. Value your Divine self. Express your Soul. Heal your trauma.

0117_160720_TJD11898I help spiritual & conscious entrepreneurs at every step of the game — from just starting out to six- and seven-figure business owners — to understand the energetics behind a successful business — what we call Sacred Branding™.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be full of striving and hustling. In fact, it’s as simple as accessing the energetic pathway of where energy naturally flows for you and using it to create the life you were meant to live. In fact, that’s what most of us call a life purpose

It’s your energy medicine. Your unique gift to your world. And there’s no more resonant branding than your life purpose.


Are you ready to discover your purpose and create a business from that place?


The best way to begin engaging with my work is the Sacred Circle.

Equal parts energy healing, mindset-shifting content, and mastermind, the Sacred Circle is unlike any other program out there. It’s the foundation of all of my work and introduces you to the core attunements and activations of the five universal Master Energies (Discover, Create, Value, Express, and Heal).

The Sacred Circle is a six-week reawakening into ancient wisdom about how to discover your purpose and expand your business in a soul-nourishing way. Every six weeks, up to 20 spiritually aligned individuals are invited to take part in this life-changing journey, where we:

  • Discover your life purpose in an unquestionable and radically different way than you’ve ever experienced before
  • Turn that purpose into business offerings and healthy relationships
  • Explore the energetic roots of money blocks and why many ‘money mindset phrases’ like “Charge what you’re worth” could actually be damaging and counterproductive
  • Understand where trauma comes from and how to heal lifelong (or past life) trauma within literally minutes
  • Becoming the walking embodiment of your purpose so that people are transformed just by witnessing you

I’ll warn you that this work will stretch your belief system in ways you never expected possible, but it ultimately feels like a homecoming to your soul. And, more than that, it just plain works. It will change your life.

Check out all of the details and information about the Circle here and find out when the next Sacred Circle will be starting and how to get started.