Ready to be the next inspirational story for spiritual entrepreneurs?

0117_160720_TJD11898It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be full of striving and hustling. In fact, it’s as simple as accessing the energetic pathway of where energy naturally flows for you and using it to create the life you were meant to live. 

There’s nothing the Universe wants more for you than to align with your purpose. And create unmistakable success for being yourself. It’s why you were born. 

It’s here. It’s possible for you. The time is now. 


Are you ready?

SACRED BRANDING0052_160720_TJD11701

By far my best-known program. In this action-packed 2-hour intensive, we dive deep in understanding your ideal audience, your role in your industry, and what exactly your life purpose is. This work includes in-depth energy healing, a powerful soul activation, and a foolproof guide on how to align all of your actions (and your business) with your own unique alignment and flow.  

SACRED CIRCLE0003_160720_TJD11575

A five-module reawakening into ancient wisdom about how to expand your business in a soul-nourishing way. Because our ancient ancestors didn’t have e-mail lists and webinars, but they sure knew how to connect with their sacred work. I’ll warn you that this work will stretch your belief system in ways you never expected possible, but it ultimately feels like a homecoming to your soul. And, more than that, it just plain works.  


A six-month journey through all of the vital pieces of building and growing a thriving business. It includes group calls, one-on-one sessions, energy healing work, bonuses from some of the leading people in the industry, and more support than you can even imagine. The Sacred Mastermind is recommended for folks who have taken the Sacred Circle, had a Sacred Branding session, and are ready for the next step.


For serious spiritual entrepreneurs who have a well-established business and are ready to take it to the next level. All VIP clients have worked with me in at least one other capacity and are ready to uplevel their business in every way possible. This work is on a monthly retainer, and there is a heavy focus on helping clients to shine their light in a really huge way—whether that be public relations and media opportunities, speaking engagements, strategic partnerships, thought leadership, or very successful launches. All VIP work is invite-only, and spots are extremely limited, and starts with a conversation too see if we’re a fit and a proposal from me. Contact us at to begin the conversation. 

VIP DAY0196_160720_TJD12201

The highest form of activation I offer, which can shift your entire life in just 24 hours. Included in the package, you’ll receive a two-night stay a luxury condo in Boston stocked with high-vibe snacks and spiritual tools, six hours of coaching and Sacred Branding work, exclusive lunch with the owner and executive chef of one of the top restaurants in the city, black town car service around town, and a luxury massage. Contact us at to begin the conversation.