Why You Need to Get a Taste of Your Own Medicine

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It’s so easy to be a hypocrite. It’s so easy to tell everyone else to do something but not do it ourselves, right? How often are we teaching meditation but skipping days ourselves? Or teaching stress reduction techniques and being a basket case at home? Or recommending Epsom salt baths but leaving our own tub empty? Or even creating action plans for everyone around us but struggling to sit and do it for ourselves?

Let’s fess up—we’re a lot better at preaching than practicing. It’s just the human way. Because, no matter how hard we try, life comes up. Things get in the way. And it’s impossible to be perfect 100% of the time. Regardless of what we want to believe.

I was thinking about this recently during a conversation with one of my most talented friends who is still struggling to see how powerful her work is. We were talking about the big shift for me—when everything changed and my business started really growing.

And it hit me, “It was when I started taking my own medicine.”

I made a commitment to bow down to the work. To do it every day—hell, every moment that I could. I spent the hours coaching myself, creating my own Brand Energy words, looking at areas where I’m not applying them in my life. I used those words to buy a house, furnish it with art, launch programs, buy clothing that felt like me, even change my hairstyle. I took my medicine when I was in painful or uncomfortable situation. I took my medicine when things weren’t flowing in my life. I took my medicine when it was even difficult to do so.

And I was so transformed that it didn’t matter if nobody else ever felt anything. This shit just straight up works. And I was determined to tell the world. Not from a place of striving, pushing, or even ego-gratification. But because the world needs to be transformed in all the ways that I was transformed.

That’s why it’s so important to take our medicine.

For many of us, we’ve got “the story.” You know, the sound byte of how we got to where we are today. There’s always transformation weaved throughout that story. And it’s powerful. But it doesn’t end there. Every day, we have the opportunity to continue transforming. To continue going deeper. To continue becoming who we are meant to be.

Our story is forever incomplete. We’re just adding to it as we go along.

And that means that we need our own magic—our own transformational medicine—every step of the way. Because, if it can change us, it can change the world. And we’ll realize just how much the world really, really needs it—which makes authentically ‘selling’ a hell of a lot easier.

Just yesterday, my brilliant community manager for the Circles launched her own course. And it’s an incredible, incredible course. But she was really struggling to communicate it. So we sat down and talked about how her own work has transformed her life. And how it continues to transform her life. And she filtered it through her Brand Energies and put that into a video.

And the end result was so powerful. Multiple people got teary-eyed. People were actually using her literal Brand Energy words to describe her work! And sign-ups came in in droves.

Because she was herself, she took her own medicine, and then she shared that experience with the world.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. Truthfully, it isn’t so hard. And, when it is, we don’t let energy flow for us, anyway. We can let it be easy. We can let it be fun. We can just be ourselves and really honor the infinite inherent value of our work. Because, baby, it is infinite.

And we can remember that we’ve got something life-changing to share with the world. We were put here to change many, many lives. We’ve just got to start with our own.

And the rest? Hell, that’s a piece of cake.

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