Why You Lack Clarity & What to Do About It

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Lack of clarity.

In our current Sacred Circle, we’re right back at the start with the Discover energy. Discover is the energy of conceptualization, awareness, life purpose, clarity, and light. It rules modalities like talk therapy, coaching, journaling, and meditation. When we shine light upon something, it’s not that it wasn’t there before. But we can now see it more clearly. In a way, deeper way. We can see aspects of it we couldn’t possible have seen before.

Even though they were always there. Right in front of us. Hidden in plain sight.

Other than money, clarity is by far one of the most popular reasons someone comes into the Circle. To know their purpose. To see why they’re not successful. Why they’re not taking action. Why they’re self-sabotaging every relationship or business opportunity.

The answer is always in front of us. Being played out again and again and again. Hidden in plain sight. There, but not being seen. Implying that, on some level, we’re either not willing or not ready to see what’s really going on. And Discover is the energy that helps us look at that.

Whether it’s why that trauma has happened to you or why you did that action, Discover shows us the reasoning behind everything. It’s the energy of clarity.

We often say that “clarity means focus, which means success.” When we have total clarity about something, we can stop being distracted by the shiny objects. We’re not stumbling through the dark anymore. We can see everything. And we don’t need the cheap light of those shiny objects. Because our purpose burns a hell of a lot bright. So, with clarity and focus, success isn’t really that hard.

We know what we want, we know where energy flows for us, and we know where to focus our time. It’s a pretty tried-and-true formula for success.

But clarity means we have to see what’s really going on. We have to faith the Truth—all of the Truths. And that’s very rarely a pleasant process. Because we have to look at our part in everything. If it is truly hidden in plain sight, then we have to look at why we haven’t wanted to see it before. What about it felt too difficult or painful. And how much of it we’re ready to take responsibility for at this time.

Like all things in the Circle, Discover doesn’t come to us linearly. It’s often a more circular process. An iterative process, which we often see in therapy. Where the same topic, the same point, is circled over again and again, allowing us to gain more clarity each time we circle, as we’re ready to see more.

The first step to shining our light upon the world is always to shine it upon ourselves. And yet we live in a world today that encourages us to look outside for the answers. So we often see a lack of Discover energy—resulting in people feeling confused, stuck, and unclear, projecting their issues onto others, feeling victimized by situations, lacking clarity about their purpose, needs, or desires, and getting easily distracted in an attempt to figure it all out.

So many of us have acted out the same patterns over and over again so many times that we don’t remember why we’re doing them. We understand the container but not the essence contained within.

I always go back to this story of a past Circle participant. She struggled with alcoholism for a long time. And it was through the Circle that she told me she finally got it. “One of my Brand Energies is Enchanted,” she told me. “My Soul has always wanted to feel Enchanted. And for a long time, alcohol was the only container I knew to feel that. When I was drunk, I felt Enchanted.”

It was a powerful realization and integration of the Discover energy. Because suddenly the why was clear. And it wasn’t that she was fucked up or broken or ruined. It was simply that her Soul was trying to express something. Once we understood the reasoning, we had clarity. And the path forward was much easier.

There’s a reason, a purpose, a meaning behind all things. Discover helps us to see that when we’re ready.

What are you ready to start seeing? What is hidden in plain sight in front of you?

Ask the Discover energy to come in to you. It might just change your life.

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