What Vacation Has to Do With Your Success

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Tomorrow, I’m going away. We’re packing our backs and heading on vacation. To Ocean City, MD for an annual trip with Garrett’s family. And then to Philly for a few days to see friends.

We’ve been so busy and out of town almost every weekend—or week, even—for the past few months. But we haven’t taken a vacation in quite a while. In fact, we haven’t even been to the beach once this summer (which is pretty sad when you live on the coast).

There’s something different about a vacation. Something really special about it. Like you’re walking through a different portal, different dimension. And even though it might be in your mind only, the word ‘vacation’ changes the dynamic of any normal experience. It gives you permission to act differently, eat differently, hell, even drink differently. It gives you permission to have a different relationship with technology.

It’s vacation.

I always laugh when on vacation with my family because my mom accuses my dad of being in ‘vacation mode’ and spending and drinking more liberally than he might at home. But that’s the energy of a vacation. There’s a kind of freedom that can’t exist in daily life. Or maybe one that we wouldn’t want to be a part of daily life. That needs to stay confined to whatever we arbitrarily label as ‘vacation.’ And that’s okay.

Being pretty location-independent with my business, people ask me all the time if I wish Garrett were an entrepreneur. If I feel held back in any way and wish I could just pick up on a whim and travel the world.

And I laugh. Because Garrett’s not the resistance. I am.

I love my home. I love being home. And being in a routine. And actually doing work. To be honest, I love my job so freaking much. It’s why I’ve built my company exactly as I have. It’s exactly how I want to spend my days. And I love the consistency of getting to eat a home-cooked meal with Garrett and getting to run the Sacred Circle every six weeks. I love seeing local friends and supporting local businesses. I’d never be able to work while traveling the world.

Because, as much as I love my work (and, believe me, I do), I’m not one to obsess over work while away. When I arrive to that mystical energetic place we call ‘vacation,’ the laptop is off, the cell phone is lost somewhere, and I’m fully present in the moment. I forget about life outside of the vacation. Maybe because I know it’s temporary. But it’s very easy for me to unplug when we’re away. And part of me dislikes the idea of ever mixing that temporary sacredness with work. I couldn’t possibly work and travel, no matter how location-independent my business is. It takes something away from ‘vacation’ for me.

It’s why I live in Boston. Because there’s nowhere I’d rather be. It’s why I own my exact home. Because there’s nowhere I’d rather live. It’s why I do this work. Because there’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

So tomorrow I’m off. For a week. And I won’t be writing. Because, as we know, I don’t like to work much on vacation. Even when I have every intention of it, I get swept up in the charm of lazy days and warm sand. And, for just a moment, work falls to the bottom of my priorities. It gives me a break from the everyday—no matter how much I love it. So that I can come home and love it even more.

I think that’s the real magic of vacation. That it shakes up the energy. That it’s different. That it’s something you don’t experience all the time. So that you can explore someone else’s life for a moment. And then happily go back to your own. Refreshed and ready for the comforts routine can bring.

As we know, ‘vacation’ comes from the same etymology as ‘vacate.’ To be unoccupied. Temporary freedom from duties or obligations. Leisure, release. The state of being unoccupied or not busy.

It’s about mixing up the norm. And trying on a new way for size—if only temporarily. We can take a vacation from a place, a behavior, a thought pattern, a relationship or friendship.

So, tell me—are you willing to take a vacation? Some new way of being? Stepping through an energetic portal and trying something new on for size?

What will your vacation look like?

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