What If You Could Keep Asking Questions Until You Knew the Truth with Absolute Certainty?

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I’m bored with most spiritual classes and teachings out there.

I used to read all of these books and join all of these webinars and sign up for all of these classes. They promised to help me explore my spirituality. Know my life purpose. Go super deep into understanding the problems of the world.

And they ended up just being more dogma. Just more beliefs to integrate. Beliefs that hardly answered any questions.

They didn’t even make logical sense.

Like that my life purpose was to be a writer. Which—great. But then do I not have a life purpose when I’m hanging out with Garrett or eating or the 10 million things I do a day that isn’t writer? And did I just not have a life purpose as a baby?

And what if I had structural barriers to being a writer? What if I didn’t have the privilege of education or the time to write? It didn’t even factor in any real-world context.

I wanted to think. Actually use my mind. Dig into something that made sense. That I could know for myself. That I could keep asking until I knew the truth—my truth—with absolute certainty.

I remember first engaging with Law of Attraction teachings and getting really bored. Because, at least as it was first taught to me, it just seemed like a really good justification for extreme capitalism.

Like a child, I asked “why?” a lot. I get that I can have a big, beautiful house, but why do I want it? Okay, I deserve to be happy, but why will that specifically make me happy?

Can I be happy other ways, too? What’s the thing that actually makes me happy? And why is happiness the goal? Where is that leading me? Why does that explain anything about the Universe?

It just didn’t add up.

Having beautiful, luxurious things is great, but it doesn’t answer any underlying questions. I mean—I can have a big, beautiful house and be totally miserable.

None of this ever answered any questions about who I was. Or who the rest of the Universe was.

So I was bored.

But I still read and joined tons of classes and watched the webinars. Even though I was bored.

Because when you’re that misunderstood, you’re starving for some connection—any connection.

I mean, these spiritual classes never satiated me. But at least they were people asking some questions. At least they were kind of, sort of considering deeper topics. At least they kind of got me.

And that was better than almost any place I had been before.

When you feel misunderstood—when you assume you’re wrong—checking off just three out of 10 boxes feels like all you can ask for. All that’s possible. All that you deserve.

And so I kept taking these classes. Kept being dissatisfied. Wanting to know why sexual assault happens. And why power dynamics exist. And why addiction forms. And why my shame is there. And why certain things make me happy when others don’t.

And always being let down. Story of my life.

So I just assumed that I was wrong. I was broken. I was the problem. Like always.

Because I couldn’t be satisfied by anything. I was always wanting more. Always demanding the impossible. Even when people around me felt satisfied and asked me how much more I could want.

If I could manifest this gorgeous house and amazing relationship and great business, isn’t that enough? Why keep asking questions?

I’ll never forget the night the Master Energies of the Sacred Circle came to me. I was sleeping, and I shot out of bed and hypnotically walked over to a pen and piece of paper to write down five words: Discover, Create, Value, Express, and Heal.

No idea what they meant. And I still had no idea when I saw them the next morning.

It took me about six months to even begin to understand those words. And, when I did, I knew I had something big here. I knew I needed to share them with the world. So I brought Sherri on and started the first Sacred Circle.

The weird thing about the Circle is it’s not teaching—not by a long shot. I always say it’s not a course. Because—it’s not.

In a course, you grasp content and then you’re done. There’d be no reason to come back through because you learned it once.

But the Circle refuses to be objectified like that. It’s not a still object you can extract content from. It’s a subjective presence. All the Circle does is facilitate a relationship between you and the Master Energies.

You discover your own subjectivity. You discover who you are.

Your unique genius. Your purpose. Your shame. Your trauma. Why you like some things and not others. Why certain things happened to you. What will make you successful and what won’t.

All of it.

You can keep asking questions. In fact, you’re in a space where people are going to push you to ask questions.

More and more questions until you know your truth with absolute certainty.

And the questions only unfold deeper and deeper. At the Mastermind level, they shift to bigger patterns of the Master Energies—sexual assault, addiction, labor exploitation, narcissism, hegemonic conditioning.

But there’s no dogma. Just a context to know your own truth.

I realized today—writing this—that I’ve hardly joined a spiritual class or read a new spiritual book in the last three years since running the Circle.

For the first time in my life, I can say honestly that I’m satiated. That I can say with absolute confidence that I can keep going deeper and deeper here for the rest of my life.

And it’s sort of overwhelming at first. To be in a space where I can’t just grasp the material. Where even I, as the guide, will always be journeying deeper into this space.

It’s a space for all those people who are bored. Who haven’t been easily satisfied by the dogma. Who want to know their truth with absolute certainty. Who want to know themselves and the world around them.

I’m so grateful that I refused to settle for good enough. Because my endless thirst for answers is what brought me to the Circle.

What would be possible if you could keep asking questions until you knew the truth with absolute certainty?

What would be possible if you didn’t have to settle for checking off just a few of those boxes? For just accepting someone else’s beliefs and dogma?

What would change in your life if you could know yourself totally and completely?

These are such powerful questions—and I don’t ask them lightly. So I’d love to know. Please let me know in the comments or over in the Sacred Branding™ Facebook group.

Sending you lots of love.


2 Responses to "What If You Could Keep Asking Questions Until You Knew the Truth with Absolute Certainty?"
  1. Susan says:

    What would change if I could know myself totally and completely? Wow…so much….I’d ask more questions, stand up for myself more often, I wouldn’t avoid certain feelings, I’d understand why I have all these creative ideas in my head but can’t get started doing them, I’d finish things I start, I’d have a purpose now that I have retired. I wasn’t allow to be too happy or too sad growing up. I was told if I was too happy I’d just get disappointed. If I got too sad my mom couldn’t deal with that either. My dad was the only one allowed to be angry. Because of my abuse issues I have worked with a lot of therapists and at times it has been disheartening to outgrow them before I am “finished”, or to hear them say they think I have a good handle on things. No, I don’t… not deep down inside. Why am I insecure? Why am I lonely? Why am I unmotivated sometimes? Why is my house messy when I want it to be tidy? Why is that such a shame issue for me? Even when my neighbor comes and says she has no judgment…I don’t believe her…I am harsh on myself… If I totally understood myself I’d totally believe I was enough, that I was love and that there was nothing wrong with me…ever. I’d have confidence and a happy spirit from deep within…I’ve come a long way…but I’m just not there yet…

  2. Mike Iamele says:

    I love this, Susan! There’s so much here.

    And I hear SO MUCH OF THIS. —> “I’d understand why I have all these creative ideas in my head but can’t get started doing them.” I get that 100%. That was me for so long.

    I’m so in awe of the unpacking coming up for you. If it feels resonant, you’re welcome to join us in Sacred Branding™ FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/sacredbranding/) to unpack further.

    Really sending you a lot of love. There’s so much moving here. I’m in awe of you, your courage, and your vulnerability.

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