What Do You Do If Your Dreams Are Impossible?

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I always wanted a job that was really more of a healing modality. Something that gave to me just as much—if not more—than I gave out. Something that forced me to become more of myself. To go deeper into myself. And to heal any wounds I’ve been carrying around.

I always wanted a job that I felt like made a difference in the world. A real difference. In people’s lives. And in my own. A job where I didn’t have to be afraid of anything. Like having the right thing to say. Or going too deep. Or facing some of the scariest shadows in our lives—things like shame and fear and addiction and sexual assault.

I always wanted a job that felt natural. And intuitive. And vulnerable. That changed and flowed constantly. And yet had a grounding structure.

And, for most of my life, I thought that was impossible. More than impossible. If just five years ago—five freaking years ago—you told me that I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing now, I would have laughed. Jobs like that don’t exist. People aren’t just going to trust me to show up and be and play and experiment.

That I don’t need to even know exactly how a Mastermind Lab is structured until we get on the call. Or that I don’t have to prepare for any call—I just show up live. Or that I work so few hours in a week because the deeper work—the actually embodying the work—takes everything.

I was recently in Denver, and I was meeting with a friend. And, as she was processing some stuff, I suggested we have an adventure. So we did. An adventure throughout the city. Full of heart-opening conversation and honesty and travel around the whole city.

At one point, we ended up in a park. And I suggested we do a meditation, followed by an exercise in which I pretend to be a Denver blogger and interview her—a future self of her—about all that’s she’s accomplished. And she tell me exactly how she did it. So I recorded it all.

It’s a specific exercise we play with at the Mastermind level, with a very specific meditation. So we went ahead and did it, and she told herself every specific step she needed to take. And I continued prodding for more clarity and specifics. Until we had a 10-minute video of exactly how to create her business over the next five years.

And then I sent her the file.

After our meditation and interview, she thanked me for my generosity. I wasn’t being paid for this. It was totally impromptu. And she was so grateful.

And I told her that the truth is I might have gotten more out of this than she did. Truthfully. I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t something I really wanted to do. Because the thing about generosity is it’s generative. It’s not a simple give-and-take exchange. True generosity creates more than was there before. Because it’s not born from wanting something; it’s borne from love.

It’s not hard to be generous when it feels so good.

I’m really grateful I get to do work that makes me want to give more, be more, do more. That makes me want to help others more. Because the truth is—I get way more out of it than anyone else could. I get to be myself. Fully. And that’s the greatest gift of all.

And this isn’t specific to me. It’s why I’m so adamant about the Brand Energies. It’s why I can’t shut up about that work. Because it’s right there. In just six words. The answer to your own blueprint to do this is right there. It’s almost comically easy. To the point where none of us believe it.

Now, as a caveat, the actual work is never easy. The emotional stuff it brings up asks everything of you. But the process is very easy.

And I want everyone to be that generative. I want the world to be generative. A place where all people do stuff they love and give so much because they get a shit ton out of it. It’s the kind of place I want to live in. It’s what I wish for people around me that I love.

Your dreams may seem ridiculous. And way over-the-top. And highly, highly unlikely. But take it from me. It’s not as far off as you think it is. And it might not have to be this big, splashy, public thing. Maybe it’s quiet. Maybe it’s just nose-to-the-grind doing what you love. Maybe it’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

It’s waiting for you. I promise you it is.

Will you discover it?

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