Want to Know Your Life Purpose? Understand That Everything Is a Metaphor First

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Last night, I sat down to do prep work for an upcoming Sacred Circle Lab—which is a low-cost, experimental experience we offer to our Sacred Circle alums. Except this one stretched me way outside of my comfort zone. And on to Pinterest.

Now, aside from getting ideas for decorating our home or setting up the I Do BBQ, I hardly know how to use Pinterest. I had a combined five things pinned in the past. And I wasn’t sure that I was artsy enough or visual enough or something. I wasn’t sure exactly how a social media platform would help me integrate my life purpose deeper.

Nevertheless, I let go of my resistance, sat down. And began pinning. Looking for images that represented one of my Brand Energies—Successful.

On an intellectual level, I got the point of this Lab. Sherri and I have longed talked about the inherent metaphor of language. That a word is inherently disconnected from a thought which is inherently disconnected from the original energy that produced the thought. So, when we speak language, we’re really just picking the closest metaphor we’ve got to translate that energy. Just as our facial expression, body language, look in our eyes, clothing, tone, and just about everything else is a metaphor, too. And it’s the cumulation of all of those metaphors that gets us closest to the intended energy.

Life, the visual 3D world that we see, is all metaphorical. In fact, this understanding helps us to integrate the distinction between container and essence. That language is just a container for energy. That my clothing is a metaphor for self-expression.

Intellectually, I got it. I was using Pinterest to not just explore my Brand Energies through language, but through visual cues.

In practice, I had no fucking idea what that’d look like.

So I started. Searching terms like “Successful” and “Abundance” and getting really bored by a bunch of hustle culture quotes about working your ass off to build success. Eventually, I made my way through “Luxury,” “Rich,” and “Exquisite” to find some beautiful homes, beautiful food, and beautiful clothing. Which led me to some beautiful faces. Stunning eyes. With light shining through them. And brilliant photography of successful faces. From all over the world.

I started playing a game with myself. If I pinned something, I had to immediately go to the board it recommended for me. If it ended up being a dead end, I could always go back. But it forced me to follow the metaphors associatively. Allow my mind to transcend and defy logic. And move through a non-linear, creative web of energy.

After exactly one hour of pinning, I stopped to look at the entire board cohesively. To be honest, it felt random and disjointed. Pins as diverse as homes, food, fashion, eyes, and abstract photography. But, when I looked at it, I was stunned. It wasn’t disjointed at all. Maybe it didn’t make literal sense. But metaphorical, it spoke to me on many different levels.

Fascinatingly, almost the entire board was black and white. Or plays on colors and shadows. The photographs all explored the role of light on a human face. And each photo of eyes had light reflected in them.

The architecture, fashion, and food weren’t arbitrarily showy. They were about self-expression. About art. About creating sacredness.

It was so clear to me, even at immediate glance, what Successful means to me. It’s about casting the light of Divinity to the world. Seeing it in others, expressing it in yourself, showing the world who you really are. Both in light and shadow form. Not ignoring the shadows. Honoring and understanding the pain. The places we haven’t shone light yet. And the beautiful within even that.

I was stunned. For a guy who tricks himself into believing he’s too literal, there was evocative metaphor all throughout my page. Speaking to me in ways I can conceptualize and ways I can’t yet. But feeling it. All of it. The metaphorical, associative way my mind conceptualizes this energy.

It was a powerful exercise that I’m excited to share with our alums on Friday. But, more than that, it had me reflecting even further on the inherently metaphorical nature of our outer world. Like a living dream. Making loose, associative connections between one thought, one energy, and the next.

We don’t always have to be able to intellectualize it for it to have meaning. Sometimes we can look at a painting and just feel something. Sometimes we can awaken from a dream and just know something. Sometimes we wear certain clothing or say certain things or have certain thoughts because it just feels right.

And one day, when we look at the whole tapestry together, it just makes sense. Because we were speaking in metaphorical tongues. The language of our subconscious. The language of our Souls.

Look at one metaphor today. Maybe shirt you chose to wear. Maybe the emotion you are feeling. Maybe the thought you have right now. Just look at that metaphor. And notice how your Soul speaks to you all the time.

It’s a metaphorical world out there. And the more we can surrender to that fact, the more we can transcend the container and experience the essence. The meaning of life.

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