Want to Improve Your Life? Start By Changing Your Patterns. Here’s How.

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Patterns & embodiment.

Last night, we entered into the final week of my current Sacred Circle—the Heal Energy. We talked about what ‘healing’ might mean and why that word is so contentious, about what it means to be embodied and human, about Souls and Divinity and all types of deep philosophical stuff.

But, mostly, we talked about the everyday, seemingly insignificant steps we take in our lives. Because that’s exactly how we’re embodying our Soul, our purpose. By just living our lives. In fact, that’s kind of what embodiment means.

And, more specifically, about the patterns—the unconscious repetition of decisions.

If embodiment means the choices that we are making every day to live out our purpose, then patterns are what happens when we’ve made those same choices so many times that they go on autopilot and become unconscious.

And that’s a topic I’m fascinated by. To me, it’s something I’m constantly asking myself when we journey through Heal: Why do we do what we do?

Why does one person always become attracted to dysfunctional relationships? And why does another move from one addiction to the next? And why do I want to run away when I’m feeling overstressed?

Why are we embodying our purpose in these exact ways? And what are we actually expressing? What Soul desire is underpinning this embodiment?

In the Sacred Circle work, we reduce everything you are, have been, or could ever be—every thought, desire, experience, wound, or shame—into five to six words. What we refer to as ‘Brand Energies.’ So we know that, when we journey to Heal, we are simply trying to embody these few words.

Why do I run when I’m feeling stressed? Because I want to feel Free. I need Freedom in my life. So how can I make new decisions that allow me to feel Free that isn’t so toxic?

It’s not easy to break a pattern initially. The first step is always to make it conscious. And then to fight the hardwiring we’ve created so that we can consciously choose a new way of being. Until we make it so often that it goes right back to autopilot. And then embodying our purpose just becomes intuitive.

But it’s critical to understand that every step we take is embodying our Energies. Every step is intentional, even if it’s not conscious. We pretend that those two are one-in-the-same. But this is a critical understanding to begin to unravel our own patterns. Without it, we completely ignore the power of the unconscious, subconscious, and Soul-based desires.

We can be—and often are—intentional without being conscious. And that’s what makes patterns so strong. Because they are serving a need. They’re turning an esoteric concept of who we are into physical reality. In short, they’re embodying our purpose.

And, if we want to change that, then we’ve got to acknowledge them, make them conscious, and know exactly what we’re trying to embody in the first place. So that we can start to make new decisions.

The solution is never to tell ourselves we’re wrong or bad. It’s never to shame ourselves. Or feel fucked up or broken. Because none of that is true. Everything we do—everything we’ve ever done is for a reason.

I once had a client come through the Sacred Circle. She had struggled with alcoholism in her life. And one of her Brand Energies was Enchanted. And it clicked for her. And she told me that she was able to remove all shame around her alcoholism. Because her Soul was simply trying to feel Enchanted. And the only time she knew how to feel Enchanted is when she was drunk. Once she understood that, she could make new decisions to still reach the underlying root Soul desire without needing alcohol.

There’s no shame. There’s no judgment. Just a much deeper understanding of who you are and how to embody that in the world.

We make decisions every moment of every day. Infinite, infinite decisions. And these decisions are manifesting that life that you live. They’re embodying who you are into the world.

If you aren’t loving the life you’re creating, start looking at those decisions. Start seeing what you’re embodying, and what you’d rather be embodying. Make those patterns conscious. And begin to choose new ones.

You are empowered. You have choices. And it starts with this decision. And the next one. And the next one.

What decisions will you make to embody your purpose?

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