Unfettered Expression and the Power of Deconditioning

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Unfettered expression.

We’ve been thinking a lot about unfettered expression in our Sacred Mastermind. What some might call channeling. Or simply authentic expression without the stories and beliefs we’ve been conditioned to.

I’ve always been fortunate to be a quick writer. Never to turn down a fun invitation, I remember once in college going to a haunted house in New Hampshire the night before a 10-page paper I hadn’t started was due. I’d just write it at midnight when I got home, I decided. And I did, in maybe three or four hours.

I often get asked if I really write my blog in 20 minutes or so each morning. And, if so, how. Truthfully, if it took me much longer, there’s no way in hell I’d be motivated to write each morning. And, sure, there are ways of allowing that expression to channel through you so quickly that we taught about in the Sacred Circle.

But, mostly, I just write what I hear. I always write exactly what I hear. Without worrying if it’s good or bad. Without worrying if it really makes sense. Or if the grammar is perfect. Or whatever other stories that I have.

Rather it’s a college thesis or a daily blog post, I write down exactly what I hear in my mind, and then move on and forget what I wrote about that day.

Sure, writing is an access point for me. But we all have this ability to express ourselves in an unfettered manner. Fettering, at all, is about conditioning. It’s about being chained by the conditions we’ve been socialized into.

If I have to be nice and quiet and agreeable. If it’s rude to boast my successes. If it’s wrong to destroy grammar. Or to have typos in your work. Or whatever stories I’ve been conditioned with. Those conditions set the root for conditionality—or conditional love, power, and worth.

Basically, I have to follow the rules—someone else’s rules—to feel like a worthy and lovable person. And, if I don’t, if I expressed myself from pure subjectivity, I’d probably be seen as weird, selfish, and unworthy.

Unfettered expression is dancing without any thought. Or even without music. Letting your body move the way it wants to move.

It’s about writing the words you hear. Or speaking what immediately comes to your mind without couching it with all of your beliefs. It’s about painting what’s channeling through you. Or building a business doing only what feels right and now what everyone else does.

Unfettered expression is the sharing of pure subjectivity. And that’s scary. Hell, that’s fucking terrifying. In a world that tells us exactly who to be and how to thrive, it’s a lot easier to simply follow the rules. Sometimes we even like the imposition of rules because it means we don’t have to deal with that intimidating level of responsibility.

We take courses and programs that teach us how to build a business or get into a relationship—and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. There are millions of brilliant minds of expertise out there. We do mindset work on top of mindset work, which can be empowering. But here’s the thing—it’s all layers of conditioning that may or may not feel subjectively true for us.

So somewhere—anywhere—we might need to decondition. To think about the stories we attach to so strongly—the stories that make up identity—and if they’re actually true for us or not.

See, a baby doesn’t need to believe they’re worthy. Because a baby of course believes they have infinite, inherent worth. It’s only after the layer of conditioning that they’re not worthy that a child or adult comes to access mindset work to belief they’re worthy.

It’s entirely possible to simply decondition. To get back to that layer of radical subjectivity. And to decide what’s the best pathway forward for you.

I spent so much of my early life absorbing. Absorbing rules about how to be cool in school. Absorbing rules about how to be a good person at home. Absorbing rules about what makes you manly or powerful or successful from society. Even absorbing rules about if it’s appropriate to believe in magic or use intuitive or be imaginative.

And, well meaning as those rules were, they pulled me away from my own subjectivity. Every single time. And I was no longer living my own life. I became a talking head for the dominant ideologies of my communities.

And it’s only been the last few years that I consciously stopped absorbing—as much. I mean, conditioning is all around us. Every moment, Instagram or Facebook is telling us what everyone else is doing, and how they’re probably doing it better than us. We’re human. We live in this world.

But I’ve started the process of not just implicitly accepting all of that conditioning. I’ve started questioning some of it. And deconditioning that which doesn’t feel right to me. And that which is blocking me up from unfettered expression. From dancing in a way that stories may have told me is too ostentatious or feminine or sexy or silly. From writing in a way that stories may have told me is too uneducated or long or personal or complex.

I’ve started unpacking those stories. And figuring out who I am beneath it all. And if I really do agree with all of those well-meaning teachings over the years or not. Because it’s no judgment against them. They may be totally write for many people. But they may not be for me.

And the thing about unfettered expression is you kind of can’t lose. Because you start giving yourself the medicine you’ve been craving most. You are the gift, the treasure, you’ve been seeking. And only your magic can fill you with purpose.

So be yourself. Be totally you. Lean into that radical subjectivity—what so much of Sacred Branding™ and Sacred Circle is about. And the containers, relationships, businesses you create from that place—well, they’ll just be unfettered expression of who you are.

Pure, pure magic.

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