The Truth Behind Course Addiction & Business Confusion — The Technician & the Artist

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The technician and the artist.

Entrepreneurship is often a path of investments. There are initial technology investments—simple ones like a laptop and e-mail and website and payment platform. And then the courses. Hell, there’s a course for everything you can imagine—sales and websites and blogging and list-building and speaking and marketing and spirituality and intuition. And then comes the webinar software and Zoom calls and e-mail newsletter and Facebook ads.

There are infinite technology investments to make. Quite frankly, it can be overwhelming. How do you know which ones to make?

It’s no secret that the world of online entrepreneurship often falls prey to course addiction. There are so many good courses out there with so much amazing material, and it’s hard to decide what’s really necessary and what’s just a shiny object.

Do I need to learn how to do Facebook ads? What about blogging? Will speaking be the thing that will transform my business? Or maybe I should hire a new web designer?

The possibilities are endless. I know so many people who’ve taken dozens of courses and are technical experts in a wide range of topics related to business. But are they artists? And does that matter?

The truth is—the moment I realized that I’m not a technician but rather an artist, everything changed for me. And decisions got really, really easy.

I know many incredibly talented artists. They all have in common this ability to bring an intention to live. To visualize what they want to express and then find a way to do it. Sometimes they need to learn new techniques and technologies to express this intention. Sometimes they need to hire support from others to bring it forward. But it’s always focused on a very real and specific intention—an essence they want to express and transmit through their work.

It’s like when I started planning this wedding. I had a million options in front of me—of places in the world to get married, venues, favors, customs, rituals, rings. The possibilities were endless. I could pick up any tool I wanted to paint the beautiful masterpiece I wanted to create. So I started with my intention of something simple, elegant, meaningful, symbolic, and intimate. And then I just chose the best tools I had in front of me to communicate that.

It’s how I pick out my clothes in the morning. It’s how I decorate my home. It’s how I show up in my business. Or even on this blog. I have infinite tools in front of me. And sometimes I have to learn how to use those tools. But I pick the ones that will best express what I want to express. Because I’m not a technician; I’m an artist. I can always learn or hire someone for the technical part if necessary. But deciding on what technical parts are needed to convey my Soul expression—that’s the art.

It’s a radical shift in the way we conduct business. Because it’s no longer outside-in. I’m not conforming my business to what the world out there demands—social media and fancy website and whatever steps to building a business our next course will tell us. Instead, I’m getting clear on my essence. On who I am. On what I want to express to the world. And I’m making conscious, artistic decisions from that place.

Recently, I was talking to a friend and deciding on a business investment. And I asked if she thought this fits into my business. And she wisely replied, “Is that the right question?”

And boom—it hit me. Again, I was catching myself feeling pressure to do the ‘logical next step for me.’ The better question is “What am I trying to convey in this new iteration, and what tools are in front of me to convey that.”

Turns out this would have been a bad investment. Because it was all about how business is ‘supposed to be run’ and not my own expression.

Art is about changing the paradigm. It’s about breaking the mold. It’s about expressing what only you can express. And then finding the materials to realize that expression.

It’s why my work is so focused on Brand Energies—on the fluid mode of expression that we call your Soul. Because it’s the essence first. It’s understanding who you and what you’re trying to express in this life. And, from that place, you can invest in and learn the tools that you need to express it. But, without the intention of that essence, you’re creating empty containers. Technologies without essence or expression.

The technician and not the artist.

So which are you? Are you the technician or are you the artist? And how does that question reframe some of your own business challenges?

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