Do You Think You’re Bad at Business or Bad with Money?

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I used to think I was at business. And bad with money. And just generally made bad decisions.

I didn’t know how to trust myself. And there were all these messages out there reiterating that I just didn’t know what I’m doing.

That I’d leave my full-time job with relatively no plan and figure it out on the fly. Or that I’d buy a super luxurious home in a popular area when I could make a better investment in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Or that I’d hire team members before I was 100% sure I could pay their salary for a year. Or that I’d invest in things like an energy healer or herbs when I had more pressing expenses.

I’d tell myself I was making all the wrong decisions. And I’d watch around me these people who worked their asses off and built their business so quickly while I mostly watched TV and went for walks. I’d watch around me these people who pinched pennies and had more savings. Or, conversely, who cashed out their 401Ks because “anyone who doesn’t just doesn’t believe in their work,” and I would never.

And all the while I had a story that maybe I didn’t make the right decisions. Maybe I’m bad with business or money. Maybe I’m not committed enough.

I think the story that we’re bad at business is an interesting one. It’s what propels us from course to course, constantly looking to be taught the right formula to do this. It’s what shames us into making decisions that feel contrary to our intuition. It’s what makes us compare ourselves to others—feeling totally inferior to people we see online.

And the truth is—after working with hundreds of people in the Sacred Circle—I realize that everyone’s really good at business. A least their own business. Because, more than strategies and formulas, it’s more about unfolding your own subjectivity.

Just like blanket relationship advice couldn’t possibly work for every relationship, blanket business advice can’t either. Deep down somewhere, we know how to do this. And the more we know about ourselves, the better we are in relationships. And business, too.

Honestly, I’m so grateful that I spent so much time going for walks and watching TV and working on my own healing. If I’d try to build much faster, I’d end up doing something less ideal than what I do today. It took me an entire year to even download the Five Master Energies. In that time, I’d already gotten a book deal, coached dozens of people, had articles go viral, spoken on many stages, and released a course.

I could have jumped at any one of those “successful” things and ran with it. But it never felt exactly right. So I didn’t. I slowed down each time. And, almost a year to the day that I started my business, the Master Energies came to me. And I’ve spent the last 3.5 years slowly unpacking them into the Sacred Circle and Sacred Mastermind.

But no business book could ever have told me how to do that. No business book could ever have told me to meet this artist (Sherri) and immediately offer for her to be a part of the work because I didn’t know why, but I knew I needed her. No business book could ever have told me to walk and watch TV because that’s how I download more work.

The more I know myself, the more I know exactly how I want to share myself in every container—my job, my relationship, my home life.

It amazes me how much we’ve been conditioned to distrust ourselves. To assume that we’re wrong and broken and don’t have the answers. Like when I felt called to buy expensive clothes and felt so terrified that it’s a bad financial decision. I’d convince myself I was a shopaholic and something was wrong with me. But actually—I started to notice a pattern. Every six months or so, I’d feel called to buy something really nice. And then I’d have months in between when I felt called to build up my savings. Or invest in my business. It was a rhythm. I just had to learn it and trust myself.

These days, I always trust my gut instinct. I know my decision-making is genius, even if I don’t understand it at the time. And I’ve released so much shame and damage from outside conditioning.

I thought I was bad with business. I thought I was bad with money. I thought I was bad with decisions. And yet I never would have stepped into doing the exact work I want to do in the world, in the exact home, with the exact partner, and exact dog, and exact healing modalities and all of it—I wouldn’t have stepped into that if I hadn’t listened to my decision-making.

Maybe it wouldn’t be right for you. Or anyone else. But it’s right for me. And I know that because it’s from me.

What if you already had all of the answers inside of you? What if you don’t need a new belief to access them—just to de-condition yourself from beliefs that are preventing you?

What if you’re actually not bad at business or with money?

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