The Case for Support

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I can’t imagine how little I’d be able to accomplish in the world without support.

As I was walking home from therapy yesterday, I started thinking about the massive, massive amounts of support I have all around me. In fact, I might argue that the majority of self-work I’ve been doing over the past five or six years has been less about my actual work and more about building a giant support network.

It’s taken me years to learn how to lean on, ask for, and receive support—and I’m still learning.

If Garrett didn’t believe that I can literally do anything and that this work is the very best use of my time and skills in the world, I don’t know that I ever would have gotten started. If my family didn’t believe in me and my work so fully—some even having taken the Sacred Circle themselves—I don’t know that I could keep doing it. If friends didn’t regularly follow my blog and tell me how meaningful my work has been to them, I’m not sure I would have kept at writing initially.

It took me years to find a home that supports my lifestyle and nourishes me. And a relationship that makes me expand into everything that I am. And friends who really see me for who I am. And Sherri—my partner in the work who quite frankly keeps this whole ship afloat and will spend four hours every Friday excitedly talking about and unpacking where this work is going. And my therapist who is willing to go deeper than anyone I’ve ever known—fascinatedly listening as we unpack how the work shows up in my life.

And the morning routines. And essential oils. And blog readers. And clients—oh, how the clients have believed in me and given me ideas for expansion and pushed me to keep growing. Our Circlers and Masterminders are some of the bravest people I’ve ever known. The depths of darkness they’re willing to plunge is just awe-inspiring. And the vulnerability in sharing that wisdom with the rest of us is breathtaking.

I love the work that I get to do in the world. But I’m well-aware that I wouldn’t be able to do half of it if I didn’t have the immense amounts of support around me.

When you surround yourself with people who constantly remind you that you are powerful and worthy and have something to offer that is helping so many people, it’s kind of hard to not internalize that. It changes everything.

And, like a seed, you just naturally start to unfold and blossom. Without even necessarily meaning to. The striving and hustling doesn’t feel so necessary. Because you’re just becoming more and more of yourself.

It’s taken me years to have the weekly accountability and support calls with certain friends and colleagues. And have the coaches and energy workers on standby. And the weekly therapy appointments. And surround myself with only the most supportive friends. And gift myself only the most supportive morning routines and work schedules. And be really discerning about whom I work with—and how I work with them (it’s really hard to get me 1:1). And hire the most amazing team of people to help me share this work.

I feel so supported every day. And when the inevitable crisis hits, I have at least 10 people I call immediately to help with it. And everything just feels so much easier.

We humans were a tribal people. We traveled in packs for thousands and thousands of years. We need support. We need connection. We need each other.

It’s why all of my work is group work—creating support communities for my clients.

When you have a nourishing support network, it’s shocking how quickly you begin to unfold more deeply into yourself.

What’s your support network look like?

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