Why Spirituality Is Actually About the Boring & Mundane

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Divinity & the mundane.

Here on this blog, we talk a lot about the Divine, the mystical, the magical, the sacred. We talk about lofty goals like stepping into your purpose. And increasing your self-worth. And building relationships that feel nourishing.

We talk about happiness and love and support. And all of that sounds really, really good in theory. For the few minutes I’m writing and you’re reading, that sounds great.

And then we go back to real life. And maybe we drop all of these ideas. As we get triggered and insecure. And caught up in our busy lives. Working and cleaning and doing laundry and stressing about money.

I remember a few years ago in one of my Sacred Circles someone asked me, “I feel so shifted after these calls. How can I go back to doing something mundane like laundry after this experience?”

Interestingly, it makes me think of my upcoming wedding. Last night, Garrett and I were outlining potential ideas for our ceremony. And we were talking about how special and extravagant the special day was going to be. And how that’s not exactly our everyday life. Which is, of course, focused on work and laundry and cooking and cleaning. The usual, everyday stuff.

That’s what a real marriage looks like—at least in this house. And we wanted to make sure our wedding articulated that. That it’s not just about this one beautiful, perfect day. It’s about a buying into a life together. A full, real life. That’s sometimes infuriating and frustrating and emotional and sad and boring and exciting and joyful and hilarious. We want all of it. Every moment. Even when it isn’t easy. Even when it’s more tears than laughs.

That’s life.

Words are easy to say and hard to embody. It’s easy to sit up here every day and write—or for you to sit there and read. But it’s much, much harder to go out into our lives and actually live the lives we want. To bring the Divine into the mundane, the sacred into the profane, so that every moment of our lives truly is Divine. Even the painful heartbreak and agonizing frustration. All of it. A real life.

In the Circle, we study the distinction between essence and container. That all manifested things—like your home, your relationship, even your laundry machine—are just containers for an essence. They’re transmitting some energy. And it’s our job as artists to elevate the everyday materials—the profane—to the sacred.

After all, that’s what art is. Taking everyday materials like paint or food or building materials and to elevate them to something that is far greater than the sum of its parts. To transmit a feeling through that very container.

That’s the life I aspire to lead. One where even doing fucking laundry is art. Where I bring so much of who I am, so much of my Brand Energies, into every single moment. So that it’s just another container for Soul Expression.

That I give myself permission to embody who I am. Not just when it’s convenient. Not just during the happy times. But always.

When things are boring. When things are scary. When things aren’t working out so well. Still standing up and giving myself permission to be Aligned and Zany and Free and Unmistakable and Vulnerable and Successful.

Because reality isn’t outside there. It’s inside here—in my own subjective lens of the world.

The mundane is just what we call everyday life. Because life isn’t lived one extravagant event to the next. It’s not one perfectly filtered Instagram to another. It’s moment to moment. Simple, everyday, boring moments. That make up a beautiful life.

How we choose to show up for those moments. How we choose to embody who we are. How we choose to bring Divinity in even the most mundane—that right there tells us if we’re elevating the profane to the sacred. If we’re being the artists of our own lives.

Make art in everything you do. And nothing will ever stay mundane.

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