Is Money Spiritual? What Is Materialism? Yep, I’m Opening that Can of Worms

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It’s a topic that comes up quite a bit in spiritual circles. After all, what is materialism? Is it materialistic to want beautiful things? Is it materialistic to want to go to fancy restaurants or have a big house or make lots of money? Is it actually spiritual to want those things?

Is the starving artist trope related to low self-worth? Are the billionaires of the world just that much better at manifesting? And does me not making a lot of money mean I’m somehow not spiritual enough?

There are so many mixed messages out there about materialism and spirituality. It’s confusing. Especially when we judge or stuff down our own innate desires for luxury because we feel it’s not spiritual.

So what’s the story with materialism, anyway?

Last night, in the current Sacred Circle, we talked a lot about this very topic. We’re in the Create Energy, which is the first time that essence—or our Brand Energies—are manifested. So we’re talking about containers. Anything that physically or conceptually contains our purpose. Things like relationships and business offerings and our clothing and our homes and our morning routines and our physical bodies. All types of containers all around us.

Divinity needs something to flow into to be manifested. So any time we’re talking about anything that we can see, hear, feel, smell, taste, or even think about—we’re really in the realm of containers.

Clearly we deal with containers a lot in life. But the thing about containers, as evidenced by their name, is that their main role is to contain essence. That eternal, intangible, barely conceptual energy. The stuff that we can’t really touch or see. But it’s beneath all things.

So, in that sense, containers are really portals. They’re really ways for us to get to or access the energy contained within. I mean, each word I type right now is just a container for some energy. And I can’t quite share it any other way but package it up into the best word—or container—that I know to describe it and then share it with you.

The trouble though, is when we mistake the container for the essence. When we forget that the container is only there as a portal, to bring us to something deeper. And we think of it as the whole damn thing. In the Sacred Circle, that’s our definition of materialism. Because we’re literally only interested in the material, the manifested layer—not the essence.

Think about any form of art. If we’re being honest, it’s constructed from pretty basic materials. I mean, a chef takes basic food and makes it art. A sculptor takes basic rock and makes it art. A writer takes basic words and makes them art.

The materials themselves, the container, isn’t all that interesting. If I were only interested in the materials, then there’d be no difference between a high-end restaurant and fast food. Or between mass-produced art and work from the artist down the street.

Our industrialized society has created a commodity culture that mistakes the container for the essence. That mistakes the means with the end. That forgets that we’re not doing this because we just want an object to have an object; we’re doing this because we want to feel something. An essence. And that’s the difference.

I didn’t buy my home because I want to show off or because it’s pretty. I bought it because it makes me feel Aligned and Successful. And I don’t wear the clothing I wear because the name might make people think something about me; I wear it because it makes me feel Free to be myself and Unmistakable.

Everything we do—everything we ever could do—is really moving us deeper into who we are. We’re always after essence. We’re always trying to express our Souls. And fulfillment comes when we realize that all outer world actions are just portals to inner world magic.

My relationship with Garrett is such a container for Vulnerability and Alignment and Freedom and Love. In my business, I’m constantly sharing that Successful, Unmistakable, Zany Energy.

And the better the container, the more of that stuff I can share. Like a hollow vessel, the sturdier it is, the more of my magic you get. Or, another way to say that, is that if it feels really, really good to me and like me, you’re going to get a hell a lot more of the energy medicine you come to me for. Because it’s a good container, a good portal.

But I never mistake the container for the essence. I never mistake the raw materials for what they bring me to.

If we want to know how materialism plays with spirituality, the truth is that anything can be spiritual. Everything is spiritual. After all, everything is Divine. So, is money spiritual? Fuck yeah. And is a successful business spiritual? Of course it is.

But only because they’re containers for Soul expression. They can make us feel Aligned or Successful or Powerful or Magical. And those are the kinds of things that we’re actually moving towards. The true essence of who we are. Which we get to through the portal of the container.

So, tell me—what do the containers in your life look like? And where are these portals taking you?

If they’re not yet taking you where you want to be, maybe it’s time for new containers.

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