How Math Taught Me About My Purpose

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I’ve always liked math. For a short period in college, I was a math minor (before I realized I could drop the minor and get credit for spending my summers in Italy). And I once asked an applied math major friend to teach me calculus three for fun.

In high school, I used to solve proofs for fun, like I was doing a Sudoku puzzle. And I love to see if I can solve complex math equations in my head.

As a completely right-brained person—a writer since I was very little—it always confused people why I liked math so much. I was a creative. A writer. I loved travel and foreign language. I spent free time teaching myself Italian, Spanish, German, and French or writing short stories and novels.

But I loved math. Mostly because, to me, it was all the same thing. I didn’t have the language for it at the time, but math is simply codified energetics. We’re making symbols to articulate energetic truths. Which is exactly what language is. Words are containers for energy, and grammar and syntax put that energy into formulas.

When I first got to college, I had to take a class on logic. And I loved it. Because it took away all of the pretense that language wasn’t math. Right there, I could create symbols to condense and simplify energy and then prove their truths.

It’s not so different from the work that I do now. In fact, we could argue that Sacred Branding™ is pretty much the exact same formula. We’re just creating energetic formulas to know our purpose. We’re using symbols—in this case, words—to capture all of who we are.

It’s why I’m such a stickler for etymology. Whenever I first teach something, the first thing I do is study its etymology. I want to know which languages it comes from. I want to know how it evolved.

Etymology is a study in context and evolving subjectivity. And I want to understand how this container has articulated evolving energies over the course of its use. Because it helps me understand the real meaning behind the language I so nonchalantly use today.

In passing, I mentioned to my therapist yesterday that I’ve always loved math, English, and language in school. That science (except for physics and some chemistry) and history generally bored me. Not that I don’t enjoy those subjects on my own—but the way they were taught to me in school was majority memorization. And that’s kind of boring to me.

But math and language were about understanding truth. About using simplified symbols to piece the heart of energies. To create formulas that help articulate relationships between different energies and seek the truth within those relationships.

And my therapist was fascinated by this association between math, language, and my work today. So he asked me to write about it. To unpack it further.

As Garrett and I get ready to travel back to Italy in a few months, we’re both doing Rosetta Stone. I need a good brushing up (having not really spoken Italian in a few years), and Garrett wants to learn. And, for those of you who haven’t done Rosetta Stone, the idea is to learn like a child would. So you’re not actually explained the grammar rules. You’re memorizing and making connections in your mind.

Needless to say, Garrett has a lot of questions. And, I’ll be honest, if I didn’t already know Italian, I’m not sure how I’d actually understand some of the more complex grammar constructions in Italian.

But, of course—and probably to Garrett’s dismay—I love getting the whiteboard out and geeking out over how and why we’re saying what we’re saying. I love explaining how subtleties can change the entire meaning of a sentence. And how understanding another language—especially a romance language—can give so much insight into what we’re actually saying in English.

It’s math. That’s all it is. Symbols that I can arrange in a particular order to articulate truth—or as close to truth as I can get.

In our work, we do have symbols for each of the Master Energies. And we can arrange them in particular ways to articulate a kind of mathematical language to study truth.

The deeper I go into this work, the deeper I understand all of my experiences. Why I’ve felt an affinity to certain things. Why I’ve felt an aversion to certain things. Essentially, who I really am.

And this interest—this ability—to identify patterns in energy and find truth has always been with me. It’s an ability I’ve brought forth to every job, every relationship I’ve ever had. To help people make connections. To see the truth behind their words. To understand who they are and why some situations have been successful when others haven’t.

It’s the energy behind every sentence of my life. In short, it’s my purpose. It’s who I am. And it’s how I help others discover theirs.

What surprising gift has run through every moment of your life? And how can you create associations between those moments to see what’s underneath?

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