I Am the Living Art of My Life. Are You?

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We’re now within 60 days of getting married in Aruba. And less than that until we travel down there—and until we legally get married. So we’ve been on a sprint to make sure the last of anything we need shipped—especially anything custom-made—has been ordered. And that the final pieces are in place. We’re in the home stretch.

Last night, as I looked at boxes upon boxes in my closet—slightly freaking out about how much luggage we’ll need to bring—I realized it looked like an artist’s studio, full of supplies. This wedding is art. I’m an artist.

We worked with many, many artists to create things like rings, gifts for our guests, and floral displays. We’ve selected every stone, design, and word with careful intention.

It’s important to us. It matters deeply. And every decision we made—from having in Aruba, to making it a three-day affair, even every item on the menu is dripping with intention. It represents us. In our entirety. It represents us.

As I was reflecting on that last night, I looked at my own clothing in my closet. In my home. Next to my dog Roscoe and Garrett. And realized that’s art, too. My life is art. I am art. I am the greatest piece of art I will ever create.

It took me a long time to get intentional about building my life. Really, it took me a long time to separate myself from others’ desires and expectations of me to know what I really wanted.

Just six years ago, I wouldn’t have called my life art. At least not in the way I see it now. Garrett and I weren’t together. I didn’t live in a home that felt like me. I worked in a job that didn’t nourish my Soul. I drank a lot of alcohol and ate a lot of bad food.

I was careless. Unintentional. Not consciously producing art.

It took a terrifying sickness to make me realize that nothing’s guaranteed here. Even this moment is fleeting. And I can choose to make intentional choices—art—from it. Or I can choose not to.

And that realization alone led me on a path to fall in love with Garrett, leave my job, change my work, buy a new home, dress entirely differently, get engaged in Italy, get married in Aruba, hell—even write this blog. All of the unfolding over the past few years came from that moment. That realization that I’m the greatest piece of art I’ll ever create. That my life is walking art, if I choose.

My wedding has taught me a lot. About putting that much intention into everything I do. I’ve watched my work blossom over the last year and a half, as I’ve been planning a wedding. Because I see the layered richness of images, symbolism, and sometimes bold decisions. There’s no question in my mind anymore. My work is art. What I get up and do every day—in the Sacred Circle and Sacred Mastermind—is art. On this blog—is art. When I’m talking to Sherri—is art.

It’s all an expression of me, of my Soul. That’s why I’m so intentional about everything. About this wedding, about my work, about my home and relationship and life. Because it’s just about me standing up and saying, “This is my Soul. See me. Look at my Soul. See my Divinity. Let me express myself.”

It’s a constant unfolding of self-expression. That’s what art is. That’s what life is. Living art.

I’m honored—and grateful—to look in the mirror today. Or through the mirror of this post. And see the art that I’ve created over the past few years. All of the moments of my Soul’s expression staring back at me.

I am art.

Are you?

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