Life Is Non-Linear — And Understanding That Will Change Your Life

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The Sacred Circle is non-linear. It’s a circle. There’s no starting point or ending point. It’s not a course. It’s not a one-way stream of communication. It’s circular.

Sure, there’s content. And it’s life-changing content, at that. But it’s not a course. It can’t be a course. Because those are linear. There’s something you can achieve at the end. Courses aren’t often repeated, unless someone needs a refresher. Because—what’s the point? They’ve achieved it. They’ve accomplished it. They’ve traveled that linear path until its end.

A Circle is not like that. We have people come back through the Circle three, four, even five times. Because it’s non-linear. It’s not about achieving anything. It’s really about building a relationship.

I always liken non-linearity to relationships. Because it’s our only good example of what it’s like to do something non-linear. Most of our lives, we’re constantly moving forward. Trying to achieve or accomplish. Trying to get ahead instead of behind.

We get promoted in our jobs. We go learn more about a subject. We finish high school and move on to college. There’s a linear path laid out for us.

But relationships aren’t like that. I mean, I don’t go up Garrett and say, “Okay, before we get married, I want to know everything about you. I’m going to master and accomplish you.” That doesn’t make sense. Because that’s not how relationships work.

They unfold over time as we circle round and round the exact same issues. We take steps forward and back all the time. We explore new places together—places neither of us ever expected to go. There are detours and distractions and confusion. None of it is totally linear.

And that’s exactly what we work with in the Sacred Circle. Our Circlers know you’re not achieving anything, really. In fact, it might be incredibly frustrating for left-brained folks who are used to intellectualizing everything. Because the material is complex and dense. You can feel it as Truth and yet you can’t possibly just intellectualize it. No matter how many times you go through this work (and, believe me, Sherri and I have gone through plenty of times). You have to use other faculties. You have to use emotional intelligence and energetic intelligence. It calls on you to interact with the work in ways you may never have interacted with material before.

There are raw energetics. There’s energy healing. There are attunements and activations. There’s the support of the group—which is critical. There’s no accident in how the Circle is designed. It has to be that way. Because it’s non-linear.

It’s not about achieving anything. It’s really about building a relationship with the universal Master Energies. And with your own Brand Energies.

Now, sure, that’s probably going to make your business way more successful. And give you clarity. And help you make more money. And have better relationships. And all of that good stuff that seems like we can “achieve” it. But all of that is really just a manifestation of having a stronger relationship with the Energies.

You don’t study a person to build a closer relationship. You think about them, feel them, have intuitive hunches, carry deep emotions. It takes a lot more than just your intellect to know them. And that’s exactly what the Circle is about.

You will know Discover. Sure, working with it will bring clarity to your life purpose. But you’ll see it in your dreams. You’ll know when you need Discover versus Create. You’ll know when it’s missing. Because you know it on a deeper level than just intellectual. It’s a non-linear relationship. And it will expand from now until the last day of your life.

That’s why we so often have repeat Circlers. Because, in full transparency, they’re the ones who usually have even bigger shifts. And that sounds crazy, even to our first-time Circlers because they thought they had big shifts the first time. But actually the shifts get bigger with each repeated Circle. For the simple fact that you have a stronger relationship with the Energies. It’s as easy as that.

Non-linear reality is important. It makes us let go of our need to achieve or accomplish. Our need to judge ourselves for how behind we feel. Our need to beat ourselves up about not being good enough. And we remember we’re just Circling. Just building relationships.

Because relationships are where Divinity exists. It’s in relating to a person, place, thing—even ourselves—that we witness Divinity. That we understand it fully. And that’s always non-linear.

I’m going to guess that if you drew a map of your relationship with your partner or best friend, it wouldn’t look like a straight line. Maybe it’d be wiggly and wavy. Maybe it’d look more like a circle. Because you never actually moved. You didn’t go anywhere. And yet you went everywhere.

Welcome to non-linear reality. Embrace it. It may just change your life.

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