The Life-Changing Power of Compound Interest & Energetic Investments

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I’ve been thinking about the power of compound interest a lot lately. Partially because it’s weaving its way into the Sacred Mastermind Value Content Call next week. Partially because I moved my retirement fund over to a new account. And partially because I just started stocking small amounts of extra money away into a new investment account.

I run the Sacred Circle a lot. Every five weeks, actually. Counting for holidays and vacations, we cram in about as many Circles as we possibly can a year—nine this year.

Our Circlers laugh at Sherri and me and say we’re tigers for punishment. That they wouldn’t dream of Circling that often. Because it’s too intense. And too shifting. And maybe they’re right. But, no matter what’s going on, we have to show up. Because I can’t imagine life without Circling regularly. Because of compound interest.

Every Circle, something in my life changes. Sometimes something small, sometimes something big. Like I remember when I bought a house. I remember when I decided to grow facial hair. I remember when I got a dog. And proposed to Garrett in Italy. And hired Sherri. And hired a lawyer. And launched the Sacred Mastermind. And launched VIP Days. And set boundaries with people in my life. And the Circle was always there.

And, in and of themselves, most of these seem like minor shifts.

But that’s the thing about compound interest—I might be making the same minor shift I made as last Circle, but I’m now starting from a new, more upleveled placed. And, so, even if the action gives me the same amount of small progress, I’m going further than before because I’m starting further along. And, in a year or two, my life changes rapidly.

It’s kind of like when I used to get weekly massages (also a result of the Circle). I might get the same amount of relaxation on my second week as my first, but I was starting from a more relaxed place. So I got even more relaxed on the massage. And then, in week three, I was way more relaxed then week one and two. And so on.

The progress isn’t linear; it’s exponential. And we can never truly overestimate the power of small, incremental actions done routinely.

When I first started this work, I was scared. I don’t know that I fully understood what I was accessing. But it would wake me up in the middle of the night buzzing with ideas. And I couldn’t help but share it with the world.

And, at the time, I was hardly the guy with the confidence or emotional fortitude to do a lot of what I do now. It sounds silly because I don’t particularly think what I do now is all that challenging. But that’s the point. We’re so often thwarted by these seemingly invisible barriers. I remember how much more riddled my life was with anxiety just a few years ago. Now that seems so foreign that I almost forget it was real. Like a dream, I question if it happened and if it were really that bad.

But I taught the Circle. I did every single worksheet myself each Circle (I still do). And I had to go deeper into the work than my students so I could teach it.

And I took one tiny step forward—I launched the Circle. And if I was the guy who could launch the Circle, then I could grow facial hair. And, if I was the guy who could launch the Circle and grow facial hair, then I could change my wardrobe. And if I was the guy who could launch the Circle, grow facial hair, and change my wardrobe, then I could buy a house.

And, suddenly, I was changing my life. At rapid rates. Only it never felt rapid. And it never brought up anxiety. Because it was so organic and natural. It was the next logical step. Because I was simply just moving with the momentum. Rather than trying to jump up to something new.

It’s why I’m always nose-to-the-grind. I don’t have a Facebook newsfeed, and I’m not subscribed to many newsletters. It’s not that I don’t think others have infinite wisdom to learn from (they do). It’s just that I’m so focused on doing work that I love. And taking tiny steps forward that seem natural to the work.

It’s why Sherri and I have a four-hour meeting every Friday. Four hours. Really. It’s insane. I always feel like a need a nap after. And many well-meaning friends have told me that those meetings are useless. Or gossip hour. Or could be used for more productive things because, hell, we have plenty we could be doing.

But four hours of unpacking every week compounded over a few years—that’s why the Sacred Mastermind is as shockingly potent as it is. That’s why the work is expanding into physical art and through the realms of psychology, physics, and economics. That’s why I couldn’t possibly imagine any better use of my time than this work.

A good investment made continuously is going to give you giant return eventually. And that’s why I run the Sacred Circle so often. I mean, I love seeing others’ transformations. But I really love seeing my own, too. And I need to be constantly in the work (not even mentioning the Mastermind) because it transforms me. In the subtlest of ways.

One of the most humbling things is to read old journals. Even from just two or three years ago. I’m floored. Because I read them and think, “I was really that anxious? Or I was that unhappy about something?” And it just feels so foreign. I can hardly access that feeling.

I can hardly even access the feeling of wanting something anymore. Not that my life is perfect (it isn’t) or that I don’t have desires (of course I do). But I remember maybe a year and a half ago that Garrett found out he had $800 in cash back on his card and asked what I wanted. And I sat for a good 30 minutes with it. But there was nothing that I wanted. Not a thing.

And I look at my goals list—the one I’ve been making for years—and there are only two things on there right now: Buy a family home in five years if we choose to have children, and have children (if we decide we want them). And both are dependent on decisions we’ll make in a few years.

It’s not a place I ever expected to be at. And, of course, I still have lots I want to accomplish and play with and explore. But I’m amazed at the riches brought into my life through compound interest.

Tiny actions done regularly produce massive results. What routine behaviors are you investing your energy in?

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