Why I Keep Such a Light Schedule (But Run a Busy Business)

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My days aren’t very busy. I know that might seem a strange admission from a business owner, but it’s true. My days just aren’t that busy.

In fact, since the start of my business, I’ve never had busy days. There’s generally enough time to go for a walk. Or watch some really bad, mindless TV show (I always have one on standby—and, according to Garrett, they only seem to get worse). Or catch up with friends and colleagues.

And my days are only getting less busy. I stopped any one-on-one work (except for Sacred Branding™ sessions a year ago. I never take calls before 10am. And Sherri is constantly thinking up ways to create even more spaciousness in my schedule.

It’s not that I’m subscribing to some productivity hack a la The Four-Hour Work Week. And it’s not that I dislike my work in any way, either.

On the contrary. I’m constantly doing work. The other night, I shot out of bed and was up creating a PowerPoint for the Sacred Mastermind between 11:30pm and 1:30am. The work comes to me in my sleep, during my walks, in the middle of a really bad TV show.

My days aren’t busy because any pressure on myself would compromise the work. And I need spaciousness to let it all come in. Like art.

I’ve been thinking a lot about pressure. About how much it stifles my creativity. About how when I’m feeling financially strapped, I shift away from true creativity and more to desperate ideas. I can convince myself that it feels aligned—but it’s usually just a “smart business decision” to make more money.

And how much that changes rapidly when that financial pressure is gone. And I start making decisions that seem foolish in the moment, but end up expanding the work and growing my business more than anything else.

Most of the time, I need three times as much rest as I tell myself I need. And then the brilliant ideas start coming forward. Not by force, but by patience. But spending an hour unpacking an idea with a colleague. And then watching an hour of TV. And then going for a long walk. And, all of the sudden, I’m home and ready to download the next month’s Sacred Mastermind Content Call.

I used to judge myself. And tell myself this meant I wasn’t serious about my work. Or I wasn’t productive enough to grow my business. Or I didn’t deserve the successes I had because they were flukes.

Because—out there—I heard about the hustle and striving. About the busy calendars. About how much people were accomplishing.

And I’m so happy for anyone who can accomplish so much and keep going forward. But that’s just not me.

I can’t teach anything that I haven’t fully embodied. That I can’t feel in my body as I’m saying the words.

I’m always doing the worksheets or labs or experiments right alongside everyone. Our Sacred Circle knows that I have done every worksheet in every Circle for three years. That’s how I know how powerful they are. Because I’ve gone back through and done it more than anyone in the world—maybe 20-something times.

Because that’s the work. That’s the real work—at least for me. It’s less about funnels and webinars (though we do that, too), and more about really, really giving myself to the work. Creating space and time and freedom to dive deep into the work.

I used to tell myself I wasn’t committed enough because I keep a light schedule. Now I feel even more committed because of that schedule. Because I honor the work more than anything. And refuse to let others’ stories tell me how to run my business.

I have time spaciousness because—subjectively—that’s how I work best. That’s the only way I have access to all that I do.

What’s your schedule look like? How do you work best? And what would it take to give yourself permission to work the way you feel right?

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