I’m Not Living the Life I Ever Wanted — And I Couldn’t Be Happier

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My life isn’t what I ever expected it to be. In fact, it’s really, really simple. Most days, I don’t leave the house—apart from taking Roscoe for a walk or maybe running to the grocery store.

And my day is filled with work, reading books, and watching TV. At night, Garrett (who works only a seven-minute walk from our house) cooks dinner, and then we might watch a movie or play cards.

We don’t go out to dinner nearly as often as people think—but we just always make sure to support culinary artists we believe in those few times a month. And we spend weekends with one or two of our handful of couple friends—maybe at a restaurant or just playing cards at a house.

For a guy who formerly went out every single night and was always plotting his next international trip, this isn’t exactly the life I ever expected—or wanted—to live.

But I honestly couldn’t be happier with my life.

So often, people will ask me if I ever get lonely or bored being home all the time. But, to be honest, I completely forget that I’m even home. My office is in Sydney, Australia one day and Chicago the next. I’m teaching in the U.K. and Italy and Canada. And I’m supporting Circlers as they process through sexual trauma and scarcity fears.

It’s anything but boring. In fact, I’m usually more than happy to curl up on the couch with a good book or TV show in between calls to decompress.

I can’t imagine doing any other work right now. I love my work. It brings me to situations and teachings that scare the shit out of me. And forces me to confront my own fears and trauma. And allows me to stretch my legs and grow as a person. Expressing all of who I am. Using all of my skills. And feeling deeply fulfilled by doing it all in a way that can help people.

And, after a long day of that, there’s no one I’d rather by with than Garrett (other than Roscoe, of course). And I love eating incredible food with him and discussing our days and politics and my latest download or insight. Or playing cards and cracking up laughing with him. Or watching a new movie together on the couch.

It’s so much more than any life I thought I needed to have. In fact, if my business never grew any bigger or made more money, and if I never changed anything I’m doing right now, I’d be so, so happy. Certainly, I have goals for the future. But something’s shifted in me over the last few years. And I just don’t need more money, more fame, more success, more whatever in the ways that I used to.

I’m shockingly content with my life.

I’m content with getting to travel to Aruba and Israel and Italy this year, and then holing back up in the home. I’m content with spending my days running between the laundry machine and calls with people all over the world. I’m content with having the time and space to explore the topics I want to explore, and connecting with interesting, intuitive seekers from all over the world.

I read once that as your inner world gets richer, your outer world doesn’t need to be as much. And that’s certainly true for me. I was the type who thought that if I wasn’t constantly on the move, and growing, and out at some fancy restaurant or plotting my next trip, that I’d just shrivel up and die from boredom.

And now I live—what 22-year-old me what wholly define as a ‘boring life’—and it’s the most exciting adventure I’ve ever been on.

I’m in love with my work. I’m in love with Garrett. I’m in love with my home. And I’m in love with myself.

It feels hard to even imagine what a better life could look like. Than lying on the couch right now, writing this. And imagining the dinner I’ll have with Garrett and a few close friends tonight.

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