Have You Ever Wished for Your Own Fairytale Transformation?

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I won’t lie—I’ve always secretly wished I were in one of those makeover montages.

You know like in Pretty Woman or The Princess Diaries or even the more recent Queer Eye.

Where a fairy godmother would come in and just redo my life. Seeing me fully—even and when I couldn’t yet see myself. And telling me exactly how to do my hair or what to wear to become more of me.

I’ve always been fascinated by these moments in movies. Because—apart from the upbeat music and fun—they’re always a physical metaphor of an inner transformation that’s happening.

They always come at pivotal moments in the movie—when an inner journey has already begun, and they allow us to see that inner transformation expressed in clothing, hair, and makeup.

And, suddenly, everything changes. The character has the confidence to do things they couldn’t have in a million years before. Their work situation, relationships, personal and spiritual growth—all transforms.

Because they are more of themselves.

And what I love most of all about the scenes is that it’s so personalized and curated. It’s not like someone walking into a department store and trying to find clothes that find. In these scenes, sometimes inexplicably, clothes are curated for the character.

Because they’re not starting from the baseline that their body is wrong, the clothing stores are right, and they need to fit into those clothes.

It always starts from the baseline that they’re right. They’re perfect. They’re beautiful. And we just have to curate personalized selections that will fit.

Like working with a personal stylist.

Yeah, I won’t lie—as I person who never used to feel confident in my body, that’s always been appealing to me.

When I was very young, I used to watch the cartoon version of Cinderella with my grandmother. I secretly wished that I was born for greatness. And I just needed someone to see it and help me express it fully.

And this confluence of ideas—of a moment where someone can see me fully, make me realize that I’m not broken or wrong, and help me to uncover my own greatness and express it externally—especially with fun, music, and dancing—to transform every aspect of my life—that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

In fact, it’s why I do the work that I do. Because we pretty much just described the Sacred Circle.

I remember my first Circle. I may have been the guide, but I was very much a student too.

And I was so in awe of how personalized the experience was. Every single one of us had an entirely different experience because it was actually highly personalized and curated to us.

We start by identifying who you are—your unique genius and your shame—your life purpose—and then the Circle unfolds from there.

And it’s sort of like a makeover montage. There are people all around supporting you and laughing lovingly at things that don’t fit well and cheering you on at the perfect outfits—the perfect business offerings and relationships and morning routines.

You are seen fully. And you are able to express that in every area of your life. In your relationships, in your business, in your friendships, in your wardrobe—everywhere.

I left that first Circle looking physically different. Honestly, I started to change my hair, wardrobe, and even facial hair after just one Circle.

The picture on the left (above) was taken only two years before the picture on the right—shortly after my first Circle. And yet I look like two entirely different people.

I had my own makeover montage.

And it’s so strange to talk about. Because I do this work. I guide it. I don’t often share my own personal stories of transformation.

But it felt everything like that Cinderella moment for me. It felt everything like realizing that I’m not wrong. That I’m actually perfect. And we’re just creating a life around that beauty. Clothing, hair, relationships, businesses, all of it.

And there’s so much music and laughter and dancing. And it affects every area of my life. It can’t possibly not. It’s a makeover montage, after all.

It wasn’t a group program. It was a highly personalized, practical and energetic transformation with the accessibility and support of a group program.

It was like going to a personalized stylist, but having others in the midst of their own transformations around to support me. To have makeover montages with me.

It was magic.

I always wished for that fairy godmother. But she never came. So I decided to be my own. I decided to get up every day and do this work.

Because we all deserve to see our own unique genius. We all deserve to dance and laugh as we try on new parts of our lives. We all deserve to start from the baseline that we’re not wrong—we just need to find the right pieces to fit our perfection.

Have you ever wished for your own fairytale transformation? Have you ever secretly wished for a makeover montage?

What would your montage look like? What would change if someone could fully see you and help you express exactly who you are?

What would transform in your life?

I’m so, so excited about this one. So really—please share in the comments or over in the Sacred Branding™ Facebook group.

This is really personally powerful for me, so I’d love to hear.

Sending you so much love.


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