Have You Been Dealing With Challenging Situations?

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I’ve never had a challenging situation that didn’t force me to grow.

I wouldn’t know much about how to create safe, vulnerable spaces if I hadn’t had so many experiences in spaces where I didn’t feel safe to be vulnerable.

And I wouldn’t really understand the nuances of success if I hadn’t spent a lot of time feeling like a failure.

And I probably wouldn’t be talking about genius so much if I hadn’t spent most of my life feeling crazy, different, and like a mistake.

Because the truth that we visionaries never want to face is that it’s been the challenging areas that have forced us to grow into our genius. We’re shaped by our trauma and drama just as much as anything else.

Want to learn about freedom? Talk to someone who’s felt trapped and constrained their whole lives.

It’s really, really easy to talk a good game when everything’s gone well. But that’s not genius. That’s circumstantial. That’s pure dumb luck.

Our genius hangs out in the places where we’re most sensitive to life. Where we feel things most deeply. Because—remember—we can sense more of our genius there. We’re visionaries. We can literally see (or hear, feel, taste, smell) more there than other people.

Of course we’re going to be feeling failure and challenges a heck of a lot more. It’s where we’re most sensitive. It’s our genius.

We don’t tend to be very sensitive to the stuff that’s going well. Because—it’s going well. It doesn’t demand as much of our attention. We never hone a sensitivity to it.

But the shit shows? You better believe we know them intimately.

We know loneliness really well. We know powerlessness really well. We know confusion really well.

And so we know connection and power and clarity really well, too.

Not by choice. And we might not even realize we do, since we feel it so infrequently. But we have to. As a survival mechanism. We have to.

Because we’re so sensitive to the pains of loneliness and powerlessness and confusion. We’ve had to learn something about how to manage those just to survive.

Our challenges are what build sensitivity to our genius.

And, instead of seeing them as the building blocks of our genius, we often see them as validation for why we’re not a genius.

We don’t have a thriving business, so how are we successful? And we don’t have a giant friend group, so how are we connected? And we don’t have crystal clarity around our vision, so how are we a visionary?

We doubt ourselves and use it as another sign that we’re wrong—never going to be enough.

But the truth is we’ve had to look deeper into our areas of sensitivity—to our challenges—than anyone else in the world. We’ve had to study and understand their nuances. We’ve had to grow into them. Just to survive daily life.

Our life has been a study of our genius. And the challenges are the masterclasses.

They’re the themes that continue to haunt us, even as we grow and expand. They’re what we feel most deeply—because they are our sensitivities. So we’ll be growing into them deeper and deeper for the rest of our lives.

They’re our genius. Our visions. Our life purpose.

The thing that only we have been honing. And only we can share with the world.

And you, my friend, are a genius.

I think back to the most challenging moments of my life. Like when I woke up one day vomiting blood, and it didn’t stop for two months. I was rushed around to doctors. And I was terrified I might die.

It brought me to the edge of misalignment with my health and life, and forced me to learn foods, activities, jobs, healing, and spirituality that was in alignment with me. Without that moment, I’d be living a radically different life. No doubt always feeling misaligned, but never doing much about it.

Or when I told Garrett that I loved him—completely unsure what he’d say back. It was the scariest, most vulnerable moment of my life. And I thought for sure that I wasn’t safe. That I ruined everything. That I didn’t have the strength or courage to even do it.

But in that extreme torment of feeling unsafe and protected, I was able to learn deeper layers of vulnerability than I ever knew possible. I grew into myself.

Aligned and Vulnerable. Parts of my genius. Things I support people with daily. The basis of all of this genius work in Sacred Branding®.

And some of the most challenging moments of my life helped me hone them.

Long ago, I stopped obsessing over my desires. Not that I don’t honor and trust what’s authentically rising out of me to be born.

But, truth be told, desires are so often influenced by other people and society a whole bunch. And, more than that, they’re so often just expectations.

When I stopped creating from what I “desire” and started creating from my genius, everything changed. Because what I “desire” became synonymous with my intuition.

And even when my expectations were defied (like a program in my business not filling up the way I wanted it to), it actually allowed me to go deeper into my genius. And learn more about my own genius.

I got to grow a lot in every moment. In ones where my genius led me to what I wanted. And, more so, in ones where my expectations were dashed, and I had to learn even more about my genius.

And then it’s all amazing. All of it. Every moment. Even the shit. Sometimes—on good days—especially the shit.

Because I’m a genius. And everything in life is helping me to hone that genius.

The things I feel deepest are the things I’m most sensitive to. And I’m always deepening that sensitivity. And learning more about my inherent gifts to share with the world.

And, if there’s one thing I’ve learned through my challenges, it’s that I very rarely get that life I “wanted” or expected. But I always get the life I need.

And that’s so much more fulfilling and rewarding. Because it ultimately brings me back to me.

If you knew you were really a genius, you’d see just how much you’ve been honing it your entire life.


Questions for Reflection:

*Answer in a journal, in the comments right here, or take it over to the Sacred Branding® Facebook group where we can support one another:

Have you been dealing with challenging situations?

— Have things just not been working out? Have you tried so hard to make something happen, and it just isn’t? Or are you struggling with an area of your life, like money or relationships or health or your job?

— Do you notice any patterns in what you’re struggling with? Have you ever struggled with a similar issue in a different way? Like you’re never feeling abundant? Or you’re never feeling connected, no matter what you do?

— What if you’ve been honing your genius your entire life? What if your challenges are just moments of splitting hairs and learning the nuances of your genius? What if a life led by your genius is the only path to fulfillment, purpose, and sharing your gifts with others?

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